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“Hilal Pride” imposes its word on the league title struggle

“Hilal Pride” imposes its word on the league title struggle

“Hilal Pride” imposes its word on the league title struggle

Al-Hilal returned exhausted from the final of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques Cup, which he crowned with his title, to enter the Clasico against Al-Ittihad, “he has no camel or camel in it,” but he imposed his personality and pride on his word in a meeting whose points were about to transfer completely to the balance of the “Brigadier”.

Al-Hilal overturned its 2-0 delay against its guest Al-Ittihad to a tie in the fatal time with two goals for each of them in the exciting Clasico that was held between them, on Tuesday, at Prince Faisal bin Fahd Stadium in Al-Malaz at the top of the 27th round matches of the Roshen Professional League.

Al-Hilal imposed its word on the leadership struggle, which theoretically bid farewell to it in the past rounds, as Al-Ittihad was deprived of two points that would have declared it a champion of the league if it won the next match against Al-Batin. Only 3 points with 3 rounds to go.

Saudi victory

* A shy beginning and an uprising that restored the spirit

Al-Hilal entered the meeting affected by the great effort made by its players in the last match against Al-Wahda in the King’s Cup final, which extended to penalty kicks, so that Al-Ittihad players took the initiative, which enabled them to impose danger early on Al-Hilal’s goal so that Igor Coronado could score the goal for the guests in the 8th minute before His colleague Ahmed Bamasoud doubled the score with a second goal in the 30th minute, so things seemed to be on their way for Al-Ittihad.

Al-Hilal players waited until the last ten minutes of the first half for Al-Ittihad players to exchange attacks before they were able to impose their offensive control on the match, which resulted in a goal that brought Al-Hilal back to the meeting through Musab Al-Juwair.

Musab Al-Juwair

Emiliano’s substitutions made the difference

In the second half, Al-Hilal presented a different picture from the one it presented in the first half, thanks to coach Emiliano Diaz’s substitutions, which he started with “Michel Delgado”, whose movements forced Al-Ittihad players to retreat, so that Al-Hilal controlled the course of the game in exchange for the guests’ reliance on counter-attacks.

And with the continued pressure of Al-Hilali, Emiliano’s offensive substitutions continued, by paying the duo Abdullah Al-Hamdan and Saleh Al-Shehri in the last minutes, which increased pressure on the Al-Ittihad defense, which was unable to maintain the result, so that the landowners succeeded in snatching a tie that ignited the competition for the league title.

Emiliano Diaz

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