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A negative tie decides the first half of the Al-Nasr and Al-Taie match (photos)

A negative tie decides the first half of the Al-Nasr and Al-Taie match (photos)

A negative tie decides the first half of the Al-Nasr and Al-Taie match (photos)

A negative tie dominated the course of the first half of the Al-Nasr and Al-Taei match, which brought them together, this evening, Tuesday, in the 27th round of the Roshen League.

The goal of victory was scored by Cristiano Ronaldo after 52 minutes of the match, from a penalty kick, before Talisca added the second goal in the 80th minute.
Summary of the main events of the match:

The first half started with Al Nasr players controlling the ball in an attempt to score an early goal.

Al-Nasr player Abdul Rahman Gharib hit a powerful ball in the 13th minute, but it passed by the goal.

The most famous referee of the match was a yellow card against Al-Nasr player Abdul-Ilah Al-Khaibri, after a joint ball with Al-Ta’i player Amir Saeoud in the 18th minute.

Al-Taie Musona hit a ball in the 21st minute, which passed near Al-Nassr goal.

Al-Nasr player Talisca sent a cross in the 24th minute, which Ronaldo turned with his head, but the Al-Tai goalkeeper saved it.

A cross ball arrived in the 33rd minute, Al-Nasr player Abdul Rahman Gharib hit it next to Al-Tai’s goal.

Al-Nassr started the second half of the match with control of the ball, and its player Cristiano Ronaldo hit a powerful ball, but it passed near Al-Tai’s goal in the 47th minute.

Al-Nassr won a penalty kick in the 52nd minute, which was successfully paid by its Portuguese star, Cristiano Ronaldo.

Al-Nasr player Abdullah Al-Khaibri hit a ball from outside the Al-Taie penalty area, but it passed far from the goal.

The Brazilian player scored the second goal for Al-Nassr in the 80th minute.

The main victory formation for the match came as follows: Agustin Rossi, Sultan Al-Ghannam, Ali Lagami, Ghislan Jonanen, Louise Gustavo, Abdullah Al-Khaibri, Abdul-Majid Al-Salihim, Anderson Talisca, Abdul-Rahman Gharib, Cristiano Ronaldo.

And sitting on the bench of Al-Nasr’s substitutes at the start of the match were: Walid Abdullah, Abdul-Ilah Al-Armi, Abdullah Mado, Muhammad Fateel, Majid Qashish, Nawaf Bushel, Ayman Yahya, Sami Al-Naji, Muhammad Maran.

The starting line-up of the Al-Taie team was as follows: Victor Braga, Collins Fay, Muhammad Harzan, Hussein Qassem, Mukhtar Ali, Amir Saoud, Alpha Semedo, Gomez Diener, G Mbenza, Abdulaziz Majrashi, Nolod Musona.

At the start of the match, Moataz Al-Baqawi, Hassan Al-Jubeiry, Abdulaziz Al-Harabi, Jamal Baganduh, Nawaf Al-Muqiri, Muhammad Al-Qani’an, Abdul-Wahhab Jaafar, Salem Al-Tobawi, and Fahd Al-Juhani sat on the bench of Al-Ta’i’s substitutes.

Victory and Tai

Victory and Tai

Victory and Tai

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