“Password” or “fingerprint” .. a new feature to lock chats in “WhatsApp”

“Password” or “fingerprint” .. a new feature to lock chats in “WhatsApp”

“Password” or “fingerprint” .. a new feature to lock chats in “WhatsApp”

The “WhatsApp” application launched a new competitive feature to enhance the privacy of users, which is “lock chats”, which allows the ability to set a password or use a fingerprint to open conversations.

And the new WhatsApp feature makes conversations more private and hidden in a password-protected folder, in addition to not displaying notifications of the sender’s or message’s content.

To view any message received by the user on the phone through notifications or to open the conversation and see the messages, it is required to enter the “password” according to the new updates.

Users can take advantage of the new feature after the official application of the new version, as this feature appears in the “Lock Chat” option, through which photos, videos and documents are given more privacy.

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