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German sports stars take part in the Friends of the World Games campaign

German sports stars take part in the Friends of the World Games campaign

German sports stars take part in the Friends of the World Games campaign

A large number of German sports and art stars participated in the campaign of the Friends of the World Games for the Special Olympics, which will be hosted in Berlin from 17 to 25 next June, and they were keen to send short words to the players participating in the games, as Andreas Mies, a tennis player, said, “I always admire the warmth that radiates Special Olympics athletes have it when they compete. The Special Olympics World Games in Berlin will be an amazing sporting event – be a part of it” TV presenter Bjorn Kroner said “Through my brother with Down syndrome, I know how much strength it takes to build a self-determined life. Allowing it to get you down, setting goals and achieving them, that totally inspires me.”

“Discovering common ground in seemingly contradictory things, which already fascinated me as an athlete manager and social manager, now excites me as a friend of the Games,” said Olympic decathlete champion Christian Schenck. “I support the Special Olympics because every human being deserves to be seen,” said soccer referee Deniz Aitken.

“The passion for sports and team spirit among Special Olympics athletes is truly unique,” ​​said former NBA player Detlev Schrempf. “Each of us should support athletes and people with intellectual disabilities in achieving their goals — whether it be in sports, in their profession, or in everyday life.”

Domitila Barros, Miss Germany 2022, said, “Social justice is a cause very dear to me. Let us see each other as equals, let us appreciate and respect each other in our journey to a more inclusive world. I am proud to be part of the Special Olympics movement.”

Actress Elisabeth Romm said, “I know that the Special Olympics principles, and especially the principles of the athletes, can make a huge difference. Our relationship with Special Olympics inspires me every day.”

Florian Langenstedt, publisher and author, said, “You just have to watch old films from previous World Games of the Special Olympics: It’s hard to have more excitement and laughter. That’s why I love being a part of it!”

“Throughout my sporting career, I have received a lot of support and I am very grateful for it,” said Olympic figure skating champion Katarina Witt. “Since the World Games are held almost at my doorstep, I have to be a part of it and help.”

“As a former athlete, I firmly believe that sport can change the world,” said Olympic champion cyclist Christina Vogel. “Diversity is an asset to our society. That includes physical and intellectual disabilities.”

“We know how important it is for everyone to feel represented,” said Leah Marlene Wotak, an actress. “The film industry is an especially important way to show and embed diversity in society. As an educator, actress and humanitarian, I am committed to this.”

“After participating in the 3×3 basketball tournament at the first Youth Olympic Games in Singapore, I am now very excited to be part of the Olympic movement again in my hometown of Berlin as a friend of the Games,” said Lena Guelich, basketball player. Lukas Rieger, a famous singer “I am so happy to be able to support the Special Olympics World Games. The Games are very close to my heart and I look forward to seeing you all in Berlin!”

“I support the Special Olympics because vision is important and I want to be part of a shared journey towards a more inclusive world,” said Olympic sprinter Maren Schiller. “I think it’s great that the World Games are on my doorstep as well.” “Go ahead with the teamwork! I’m really looking forward to being able to capture great moments together. The Special Olympics World Games are pure joy for life. See you at the Berlin Games,” said Mike Meyer, photographer, photographer.

German journalist Nathalie Diderot said, “Yes, I am a friend of the Games, because the Special Olympics World Games are about inclusion. But they are also about social participation and highlighting people with disabilities. These are the things I fight for too!” Germany A. Philip Lamm “Inclusion is always a big word. As a Special Olympics volunteer, you have a unique opportunity to put inclusion into practice.”

Olympic discus throwing champion Robert Harting said, “In 2000, I participated as a judge at the finish line of the Special Olympics. The joy and happiness experienced by the athletes is still in my head to this day. Diversity and solidarity enrich us all.”

“Volunteering means working together. If we work together, we can achieve more than our unity,” said Steffi Graf, Olympic tennis champion and German tennis legend.

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