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Youth fall into the trap of defeat in front of the agreement (video and photos)

Youth fall into the trap of defeat in front of the agreement (video and photos)

Youth fall into the trap of defeat in front of the agreement (video and photos)

Al-Ettifaq club achieved a difficult victory over its youth counterpart, with a clean goal, in the match that brought them together on Sunday evening, at Prince Muhammad bin Fahd Stadium in Dammam, in a postponed match from the 26th round of the Roshen Professional League.

He scored the only goal of the match for Al-Ettifaq, professional Robin Quaison, in the 17th minute of the match.

With this result, the balance of the agreement rose to 33 points in the eighth place, while the balance of Al-Shabab froze at 53 points in the third place, wasting the opportunity to rise to the rank of Roshen League.

Match events

Quaison was close to scoring the first goal for Al-Ettifaq team in the 4th minute, after a cross inside the penalty area, around it with a shot up the goal in a strange way.

In the 18th minute, Quaison scored the first goal for Al-Ettifaq team, after a pass behind the defense, which he turned in a wonderful way into the net.

In the 38th minute, the youth coach decided to make a substitution by entering the player, Riad Sharahili, instead of Hassan Timbukti.

Al-Shabab players started the second half of the match by trying to attack in order to score the equalizer, but Al-Ettifaq players and their goalkeeper prevented the completion of that task.

Al-Ettifaq players gathered in the defensive areas, and tried to rely on counterattacks, hoping to snatch a goal from a counterattack, as happened in the first half of the match.

In the 73rd minute, Guanca almost scored the equalizer, taking advantage of a free kick that Al Shabab got in front of the Al Ettifaq penalty area.

And the youth pressure continued throughout the half, but the agreement defense was always able to spoil the attacks, and despite the youth coach Mourinho making several changes, they did not succeed in making a difference.

The formation at the beginning of the match

The youth played with a formation consisting of: “Kim Seong-gyu, Fawaz Al-Saqour, Hassan Timbukti, Iago Santos, Miteb Al-Harbi, Krichoviak, Hussein Al-Qahtani, Ever Banega, Christian Guanca, Carlos Jr., Santi Mina.”

The formation of the agreement came as follows: “Paolo Victor, Abdul Rahman Al-Obeid, Saad Al-Mousa, Draco Filovski, Sanusi Hawsawi, Ibrahim Mahanshi, Berat Ozdemir, Muhammad Al-Kuwaikibi, Robin Quaison, Ali Hazazi, Youssef Nyakati.”

Agree and young

Agree and young

Agree and young

Agree and young

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