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Arqaam Sport 24 .. Al-Batin receives Al-Fayhaa in the “last chance” match

Arqaam Sport 24 .. Al-Batin receives Al-Fayhaa in the “last chance” match

Arqaam Sport 24 .. Al-Batin receives Al-Fayhaa in the “last chance” match

On Monday evening, the competitions of the 27th round of the Roshen Professional League will start, as Al-Batin will welcome its guest Al-Fayhaa.

The match represents almost the last chance for Al-Batin in order to preserve its very difficult chances of survival, as it enters the match with 18 points in last place, 6 points behind the survival centers.

Al-Batin enters the meeting ecstatic about his precious and deadly victory over Al-Taie in the last round, as he will seek to achieve the second victory in a row, and if he achieves this, it will be the first time that he achieves two consecutive wins this season.

On the other hand, Al-Fayhaa finally regained the memory of victories, after defeating Al-Fateh in the last round, to raise its score to 28 points in 12th place, but it still needs more points to secure its seat in the league away from the relegation struggle.

Displays”Sport 24The numbers of the two teams before the confrontation No. 8 between them in the Professional League, knowing that Al-Fayhaa outperforms with 3 victories compared to two for Al-Batin, while the tie was decided by two matches.

Al-Batin did not lose at home against Al-Fayhaa, as it won two matches and drew in one, and hopes to continue its positive series at home against Al-Fayhaa in order to maintain its chances of survival.

Al-Batin played 17 matches against Al-Majmaa clubs in the Professional League, and excelled by achieving 6 victories against 5 defeats and a draw in 6 matches, and lost only once during 8 hosting these clubs, and this loss was against Al-Faisaly in February 2021.

On the other hand, Al-Fayha scored only two points from its last 6 away matches in the Professional League, after it had achieved 3 consecutive victories in 3 matches before that in the competition.

Al-Fayhaa scored 199 goals during his participation in the professional league, and he is looking forward to avoiding receiving the 200th goal in the competition.

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