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90 male and female players launch the chess federation season in Abha

90 male and female players launch the chess federation season in Abha

90 male and female players launch the chess federation season in Abha

The Saudi Chess Federation launched its first official tournament for the 2023 sports season, through the Abha Chess Championship, which was held in the sports hall in Prince Sultan bin Abdulaziz City in Mahalla, with the participation of more than 90 male and female players from 7 different countries.

Six different tournaments were held, divided between men’s, women’s and children’s tournaments. The men’s rapid chess competitions were opened, and the Slovakian Milan won the first place, and the Syrian Muhammad Saleh came in second place and the Egyptian Ahmed Saif third. As for the women’s rapid chess championship, the Jordanian Tania Imad won the championship. Saudi Arabia, Dalia Al-Sumairi, came in second place, and Saudi Arabia, as Al-Shalash, came in third. In the rapid chess championship for children, Indian Shahan was crowned first, and Saudis Musaed Al-Mutairi and Anas Qazi ranked second and third.

In the men’s blitz chess championship, Slovakia Milan Baekher won first place to combine it with the rapid chess title. The Egyptians, Mohamed Hamed and Mohamed Khalil, achieved second and third places. Angrini won the third place, and in the children’s blitz chess tournament, the Indian Shahan came in first place, and the Saudis Musaed Al-Mutairi and Anas Qadi Hala came in the second and third places.

For his part, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Saudi Chess Federation, Mr. Abdullah bin Salem Al-Wahshi, congratulated all the players, male and female, who won the championship titles, thanking them for their efforts and honorable results in the tournament. To be the inspiring model for the intelligent people in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which will continue to play the optimal role in achieving global achievements in the field of chess, and with every new chess tournament and activity, we discover, praise be to God, new names that will have a great significance in the future, God willing, and all chess tournaments that are supervised by the Union open their doors For all male and female players, professionals and amateurs, and from all ages who aspire to represent their country and raise the Kingdom’s flag in major international forums, and the successful Abha championship may be the first step towards globalization, so all thanks to all the participants in this forum.

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