Nasrawi’s action surprises his competitors in the Roshen League

Nasrawi’s action surprises his competitors in the Roshen League

Nasrawi’s action surprises his competitors in the Roshen League

With the Saudi Roshan League approaching, by entering the final rounds, and only 17 days remain to determine the champion, the board of directors of Al-Nasr Club, headed by Musli Al Muammar, decided to take an exciting path in one of the issues that may have caused a change in the form of competition in an unexpected way.

Al-Nasr had filed an official complaint; To obtain points for his match against Al-Hilal, which was held in the tenth round of the competition, and ended in a positive draw (2-2), under the pretext of the participation of Al-Azraq player Mohamed Kano, on the grounds that the term of the penalty imposed on him by suspension had not expired, on the grounds that he signed for two clubs at the same time last January. .

The legal and researcher in the FIFA regulations, Ahmed Al-Amir, blew a heavy-caliber surprise about this issue, and he said in televised statements: Al-Nasr Club has the right to request an expedited arbitration procedure, and to request a time measure in the event of a delay in issuing the decision officially.

The Prince also indicated that, as he affirmed that Al-Nasr’s resort to the Sports Arbitration Center and the selection of foreign arbitrators, is considered a guarantee that he will harvest the full match points, and cancel the tie-breaking point from Al-Hilal’s balance, adding that the reasons for the appeal committee’s refusal to protest reached Al-Nasr, and that the administration of Mesli Al Muammar must appeal. In front of the arbitration center urgently.

It is noteworthy that Al-Nasr currently occupies the runners-up of the Saudi Roshen League standings, with 57 points, away from the lead by 7 points, while Al-Hilal is in fourth place with 49 points, with only 4 rounds left until the end of the season.

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