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Musimani numbers after the end of his journey with Al-Ahly

Musimani numbers after the end of his journey with Al-Ahly

Musimani numbers after the end of his journey with Al-Ahly

South African coach Pitso Mosimane’s journey with Al-Ahly club reached its last stop, after the coach announced the end of his relationship with the club, on Thursday.

And many reports confirmed during the past weeks that Al-Ahly management will not renew the South African coach, at a time when the club sought to discuss several coaches’ files in preparation for one of them to take over the leadership of the team in the next season in the Roshen Professional League.

Despite his short period with the club, which did not complete the year, “Musimane” managed to achieve all the club’s goals during the past season, as he led it to return quickly to the Lights League and also led it to crown the Yellow League for first-class clubs.

“Musimani” took over the training of Al-Ahly club in a critical period after the team suffered many missteps in the Yellow League for first-class clubs, but he was able to return the team to the right path and lead it to the fore, to achieve the fans’ dream of a quick return to the lights league, 4 rounds before the end.

Musimani led Al-Ahly club in 29 matches, scoring 64 points, winning 19 matches with a rate of 65.5%, drawing 7 matches and losing 3 matches.

Musimani coached Al-Ahly while he was in seventh place, achieving a win rate of 40%, but he finished the season with the team in the lead, with a win rate of 65.5%.

Under the leadership of Musimani, Al-Ahly decided to rise to the Roshen Professional League 4 rounds before the end of the Yellow League, in a new achievement for the South African coach, who has historical achievements with the Egyptian Al-Ahly and South African Sundowns teams.

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