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Walid Al-Shehri reveals the reason for his candidacy for the presidency of the federation

Walid Al-Shehri reveals the reason for his candidacy for the presidency of the federation

Walid Al-Shehri reveals the reason for his candidacy for the presidency of the federation

The candidate for the presidency of the non-profit Al-Ittihad Club, Walid Mansour Al-Shehri, revealed the reason that prompted him to take this decision, to enter into competition with the former president of the club, Anmar Al-Haili, who officially announced his candidacy on Tuesday evening.

The door for candidacy for the presidency and membership of the non-profit investment fund club institutions, Al-Hilal, Al-Nasr, Al-Ittihad and Al-Ahly, was opened last Sunday, for a period of three days, provided that the elections will be held on June 22.

Walid Al-Shehri said, in statements to the “In the Goal” program on Tuesday evening: “An ordinary general assembly was supposed to be held before the elections, then the vote would take place in an extraordinary assembly, and there would be a clear opportunity for all candidates to enter the elections, but the equation now is (100 against zero). ), as the one coming from outside the club has a small percentage in competition with Anmar Al-Haili.

He explained about the secret of his candidacy despite the weak competition against Al-Haili: “A preliminary message must be presented to public opinion in the Federation or elsewhere and to officials in the Ministry of Sports that there are businessmen waiting for investment partnerships outside the Kingdom who want to be inside the Kingdom..and I have partnerships with world champions and continental champions in Europe and Latin America in several different games, and I found the management system in Europe radically different from the Kingdom.

He added, “I wanted to send a message through the electoral campaign to the new management system in Europe that we want to introduce in our local clubs, and this goal is to introduce people not to myself, but to the modern management system, and we were encouraged in this program only by the intervention of the Public Investment Fund in linking the funds.” investment in clubs, and had it not been for this, I would not have run.”

And Al-Shehri continued: “We have not received any response from the current management of Al-Ittihad Club regarding the amounts paid and membership subscriptions. This will be a win for me.”

He concluded: “If I can convince the audience, I will not demolish what our colleague Anmar Al-Haili started, and we will continue what he did. We will also graft this program with international expertise thanks to my partners who will provide their expertise to the Union, National Sports Club and the Olympic Committee.”

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