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Al-Hilal is the most profitable Arab club in 2022

Al-Hilal is the most profitable Arab club in 2022

Al-Hilal is the most profitable Arab club in 2022

“Al-Sharq News” revealed the issuance of the “East Financial League 2023” report for Arab football clubs, which provides explanations of the clubs’ financial conditions, through the official financial reports issued by them at the end of the fiscal year 2021-2022.

The report announced that Al-Hilal Club continued to lead the Arab clubs in revenues and financial surplus, while the Moroccan clubs Al-Raja and Wydad and the Saudi Al-Nasr club clearly reduced their financial expenses for the past fiscal year. While Al-Ahly of Egypt came second in terms of financial deficit in football activity, behind the Saudi Federation.

The “East Financial League 2023” also shed light on the spending and income of Arab clubs from foreign transfers of players, according to what was stated in the FIFA report on transfers during the year 2022, and it emerged that the clubs of Saudi Arabia, the Emirates and Qatar are the highest spending on attracting players from abroad.

The director of economic news at Al-Sharq, Riyad Hamada, said that the launch of the second edition of the Al-Sharq Financial League for Arab football clubs comes in light of a great movement for investment in sports and football in the Kingdom, after the launch of the project to privatize sports clubs.

And the Crown Prince, Prince Mohammed bin Salman, launched the project to privatize and invest sports clubs, which aims to bring the Saudi League to the list of the best (10) leagues in the world, and to increase the revenues of the Saudi Professional League from 450 million riyals to more than 1.8 billion riyals annually, along with Raising the market value of the Saudi Professional League from 3 billion to more than 8 billion riyals.

Riad Hamadeh added that the issuance of the report is a continuation of the “East” approach in trying to spread the culture of financial transparency for clubs, encourage them to announce their financial results periodically, highlight the financial conditions of Arab clubs, and create a competitive spirit among them to improve their financial performance, and move them to a better position.

And he continued: In the past year 2022, “East Economy with Bloomberg” issued three lengthy financial reports that provide explanatory explanations and graphs, starting with the issuance of (East Financial League) in mid-August 2022, and (East Financial League 2022 – Saudi version) in early November, coinciding with The 2022 World Cup will be held in Qatar in November 2022. The “Financial East World Cup” report came out, and this success had to be invested in by issuing the fourth report of the East related to sports economics, which is the “East Financial League 2023”.

The "East Financial League 2023" report for Arab football clubs

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