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A fan attack on a player costs Bordeaux to stay in the second division

A fan attack on a player costs Bordeaux to stay in the second division

A fan attack on a player costs Bordeaux to stay in the second division

Bordeaux’s quest to qualify for the French Football League was disappointed after the League ruled that it lost its last match at home, which was stopped when one of its fans attacked a player from Rodez Club.

In a match played on June 2, Bordeaux needed to better than Metz to finish second and secure promotion, but the six-times French champions fell behind in the 22nd minute.

And while the Rowdies players were celebrating the goal, a fan stormed the field and pushed Luca Boad, who scored the lead goal, to fall to the ground. He was then taken to the hospital and the referee stopped the match.

After the two teams entered the dressing rooms, the referee said that the match would not be completed, adding that Bawad had suffered a concussion.

And after the French League decided to award the Rodez team victory, Bordeaux will finish the second division in third place, behind champions Le Havre and Metz, as only the first two teams advance to the French top flight this season.

At the bottom of the standings, this decision will ensure that Rodez will also remain in the second division, while Anisi will fall instead.

The French League added that it had penalized Bordeaux by deducting one point from its tally next season and ordered the closure of the southern stand of Bordeaux for at least two matches.

Bordeaux, who wanted to complete the match, criticized the league’s decision, saying it was “incomprehensible and exaggerated,” adding that it would appeal the decision to the French Olympic Committee.

Bordeaux was relegated to the second division after bottoming out in the first division in 2022.

It was also punished by relegation to the third degree due to financial irregularities before the start of the 2022-2023 season, but the authorities returned it to the second degree after reaching a plan to settle debts.

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