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Diriyah club president talks about future plans after “privatization”

Diriyah club president talks about future plans after “privatization”

Diriyah club president talks about future plans after “privatization”

confirmed Al-Diriyah Club President Khaled Al Habshan, that the decision Privatization, announced by the Minister of Sports Prince Abdulaziz bin Turki al-Faisal, It was needed by the sports sector for a long time, and he thanked the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques and the Crown Prince for issuing this decision.

And he said President of Al-Diriyah Club in an interview withSport 24Privatization has more than one goal and strategy in the sports sector, including stimulating investment opportunities, raising the level of governance and administrative and financial control, and raising the market value of sports activity in the Kingdom, where it currently reaches 3 billion and may reach 6 billion riyals and more, and thus investment In the sports field it is very important.”

The president of Al-Diriyah Club indicated that the aspirations at the present time are for the Saudi League to become among the 10 best leagues in the world.

Commenting on the benefit of Al-Diriyah Club from the “privatization”, Habshan explained that there will certainly be a benefit, especially since the acquisition by the Diriyah Authority, adding: “The club will make a quantum leap in all activities and in the development of games.”

He added, “The club will be developed in general, whether in terms of implementing highly efficient sports facilities to serve the region and society, or at the level of attracting big players, and I do not rule out that in a year or two we will be in the Roshen League.”

Habshan pointed out that the Diriyah Club lacks facilities, saying: “This is a problem we have been suffering from for a long time, and we do not have a main headquarters, and therefore we cannot expand in games or even in social activities.”

And he continued his speech: “But I think that after joining the Diriyah Authority, there will be quick reforms so that we become a large facility with a high level, and for us as a board of directors we will present a presentation to the Diriyah Authority about our ambition and the club’s demands.”

As for the dream of ascending to the Roshen League, the president of Al-Diriyah Club said: “The club was supposed to be no less than the Premier League, but the circumstances we are going through, whether material or sports facilities, have been reflected in the level of preparations, especially since the budget is limited in the presence of many commitments.”

He continued, “I expect that there will be joint committees to discuss attracting distinguished players, especially since the ceiling of ambition has increased after the privatization.”

Regarding the club’s current position, Al-Habshan said: “Al-Diriyah is currently playing in the second division, and therefore it needs professional players, but God willing, when we go up to the Roshan League, great players will definitely be contracted, especially since it is a strong league in which international stars are present, adding:” I am optimistic that next year the team will play in the Yellow League, and then we will be in Rushen.”

He added, “We respect everyone in the second division, and we will focus on getting three points in every match we play, especially since last year most of our matches ended in a draw, even though we were the best in them.” He added: “This year we will play for victory only, especially since we are We signed players in attack, midfield and wingers.

Regarding the club’s plans in the coming period, the president of Al-Diriyah explained: “Among our ideas is signing with one of the internal academies in Riyadh, to establish an academy in the name of the club to invest in it,” adding: “We are keen to achieve financial sustainability, which we achieve every year, and thank God things are in the club.” It goes smoothly despite the difficulties we face.”

The ownership of the Diriyah Club was transferred to the Diriyah Gate Development Authority, according to what was announced by the Minister of Sports, Prince Abdulaziz bin Turki Al-Faisal, within the conference for privatizing sports clubs, to open a new page in the history of this sports edifice.

Al-Diriyah Club was established in 1976, and aspires to reappear in the limelight again after it participated last season in the second division in Group A.

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