Nokia unveils the new design of the user interface Pure UI

Nokia’s design team has developed a new user interface style called Pure UI, and it appears that it will be used in Nokia phones and other company products.

The design aims to be consistent, flexible and futuristic, and has a clean and simple look, which is the trend in the design field today. Design has several components including templates and guidelines that define the overall look.

The new look is based on the Nokia Pure typeface, which will be used throughout the user interface, for which new icons are also designed. They are based on lines whose thickness can be varied to match the display requirements and capabilities of a particular device. It also includes smooth animations when a component needs to catch the user’s attention.

The Nokia team also prepared standard elements that designers could use to quickly build consistent-looking screens. The new design style also supports dark mode with elements and icons that adjust their styles accordingly.

It is noteworthy that Nokia phones, since adopting the Android operating system, have maintained the appearance of the system, but it seems that the company is moving to introduce something new through (Pure UI). However, there is no information on when this will happen.
It should also be noted that (Pure UI) will not be for phones only, as images from Nokia show that it will support the web and wearable devices, such as: smart watches, and others.

The disclosure of the new design of the user interface (Pure UI) comes a month after the announcement of the Finnish telecommunications equipment maker Nokia to change the visual identity of its brand to reflect its new directions and strategy.

After more than 60 years of the previous Nokia logo, Nokia announced a new logo that includes 5 different shapes that form the word NOKIA, and the distinctive blue color of the previous logo was changed to a group of different colors.

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