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Mercato “Sport 24”: international stars are waiting for “Al-Nasr” to return to the road to championships

Mercato “Sport 24”: international stars are waiting for “Al-Nasr” to return to the road to championships

Mercato “Sport 24”: international stars are waiting for “Al-Nasr” to return to the road to championships

The Al-Nasr team finished the 2022/2023 season in second place in the Roshan League standings table, and it did not win any of the championships in which it participated during the same season.

This will place a burden on its board of directors to return to the championships again in the following season 2022/23; Especially since at the top of his list is Portuguese star Cristiano Ronaldo.

The management of Al-Nasr Club seeks to strengthen its ranks during the next season with deals that are up to the task, in light of the waiting for the arrival of international stars in the next edition.

Displays”Sport 24In principle, the deals that are expected to come and go as of this writing:


Al-Nasr club wants to strengthen its ranks with the English player, Crystal Palace, Ivorian Wilfried Zaha, during the summer transfer period.


Zaha, according to the Italian “La Gazzina dello Sport”, chooses between Al-Nasr and Milan offers, before making his final decision regarding his future.

Reports indicated that victory awaits Zaha’s final response in light of the player’s possession of many offers, led by Milan.

Hugo Lloris

Al-Nasr made an offer, according to the journalist specializing in the transfer market, Akram Connor, to sign the French goalkeeper for the English club Tottenham Hotspur, Hugo Lloris, for a period of two seasons.

Hugo Lloris

And Al-Nasr Club had announced that it would not renew the loan of goalkeeper Agustin Rossi, who joined the team after the injury of the team’s main goalkeeper, David Ospina.

Argentinian Gallardo and Chilean Pellegrini

Informed sources revealed toSport 24 The management of the Saudi Al-Nasr club has put Argentine coach Marcelo Gallardo as one of its options, which aims to contract with one of them to take over the team’s training in the next season.

Gallardo has a successful coaching career with River Plate from 2014 until October 2022, during which he managed to achieve 9 championships.


Sources confirmed toSport 24Al-Nasr management also negotiated with the Chilean coach Pellegrini, as he has a great training record, as he coached Spanish Real Madrid, Manchester City and West Ham in the English Premier League, and he also previously trained the Chilean national team.

Argentine home

Sources told, in statements to “Sport 24That the Al-Nasr club’s board of directors had contacted the agent of the Argentine professional in his ranks, Gonzalo Martinez, to ask him to search for a club for his client, because the capital club did not want him to continue with his team next season.

my house

It is reported that Al-Nasr Club is still linked to a professional contract with Argentine Gonzalo Martinez that extends to the end of the next season, as he signed with him in 2020 for four seasons.

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