The Kingdom: Our Model of Empowering Women is “Raed”

The Kingdom: Our Model of Empowering Women is “Raed”

The Kingdom: Our Model of Empowering Women is “Raed”

The Undersecretary of the Ministry of Communications for Technical Foresight and Digital Economy, Dania Arkobi, revealed a number of steps and measures taken by the Kingdom to establish an advanced digital infrastructure comparable to the best in the world, in accordance with the goals of the ambitious Vision 2030.

During the Kingdom’s participation – represented by the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology – in the sessions of the “Global Technology Forum” of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development at the organization’s headquarters in the French capital, Paris, under the slogan “Shaking the Future Through Modern Technologies”, in a session entitled “Technical Digital Divide” – The pioneering model she presented in empowering women, by raising her participation rate to 33%, in addition to her possession of the largest human cluster of digital talents in the region, with 340,000 workers in the communications and information technology sector.

Arkobi referred to the Kingdom’s continuous efforts to help the world bridge the digital divide, through several initiatives, foremost of which is the experience of satellite networks “NTN”, which contributes to achieving inclusiveness and prosperity of human societies.

The Kingdom’s participation aimed at exchanging experiences and opinions on developments in the technology sector, both nationally and globally, and bringing together trends and visions related to digital economy policies, innovation and related fields.

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