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7 signs on the skin reveal the presence of “diabetes”

7 signs on the skin reveal the presence of “diabetes”

7 signs on the skin reveal the presence of “diabetes”

A scientific study revealed that skin complications are often the first visible sign of diabetes, other than the main symptoms, which usually include extreme thirst and an increased need to urinate.

Pharmacist Bruce Green explained, according to The Sun, that the skin of diabetics can be similar to skin that has aged prematurely. As a result of the chemical interaction of sugars with proteins, which has a negative effect on the elasticity of the skin, in addition to the fact that skin problems come due to poor blood circulation and decreased nerve sensitivity.

Green indicated that there are 6 other major warning signs floating on the skin, including: the presence of yellow or brown spots or bumps, with the appearance of dark areas with a velvety texture, often around the neck and armpits.

He pointed out that the signs also include the appearance of thick patches of skin on the fingers and toes, in addition to the presence of cavities on the skin that are difficult to notice, and the feeling of itching on areas that appear to be very dry in the arms, with the sudden appearance of blisters.

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