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The causes of bladder cancer.. and the most prominent methods of prevention

The causes of bladder cancer.. and the most prominent methods of prevention

The causes of bladder cancer.. and the most prominent methods of prevention

King Saud Medical City, represented by the Department of Kidney and Urology Surgery, directed several tips to prevent bladder cancer.

She explained that bladder cancer is a tumor that affects the bladder and includes the abnormal and irregular growth of the cells that make up the bladder, which is an important organ in the urinary system in both sexes.

She indicated that the bladder is a hollow and flexible sac in which urine is stored, as the tumor usually begins by infecting the cells lining its wall, which are called transitional cells, and then gradually spreads to the rest of its constituent cells, and may spread to neighboring cells or other organs, including the bones or lungs.

The medical city pointed out that the cause of bladder cancer is unknown, but there are many reasons that increase the possibility of bladder cancer, including smoking, which is one of the most common, as cigarette smoking may be the cause of half of bladder cancer cases, in addition to exposure to some factors. The surrounding environment, such as working in perfume factories or aniline dyes, and working in cleaning materials, chemicals, and dyes.

She added that among the reasons are also radiation therapy, previous treatments using chemotherapy drugs, chronic bladder infections that cause irritation for long periods, exposure to recurrent urinary and reproductive system infections, and a personal or family history of infection.

It showed that bladder cancer can be prevented by adhering to some healthy practices, including quitting smoking and eating sufficient quantities of vegetables and fruits, which many studies indicate that eating them reduces the risk of many types of cancer, including bladder cancer, as well as drinking plenty of fluids. Especially water, to help get rid of harmful chemicals that accumulate in the bladder, and follow safety rules at work, especially when dealing with some chemicals such as arsenic.

She noted the need to see a urologist when there are any symptoms or indications of cancer and tumors of the bladder, such as blood in the urine (hematuria), which may cause the urine to take a bright red color or the color of cola, and despite that, the urine may appear normal sometimes and blood is detected in a laboratory examination, in addition to To frequent urination, and pain during urination.

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