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Jeddah hosts the seventh edition of the Arab Futsal Cup

Jeddah hosts the seventh edition of the Arab Futsal Cup

Jeddah hosts the seventh edition of the Arab Futsal Cup

Next Tuesday, the seventh edition of the Arab Futsal Championship 2023, organized by the Arab Football Association and hosted by the Saudi Federation, will start in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, from 6 to 16 June.

The national teams of Saudi Arabia, Morocco, Egypt, Libya, Iraq, Kuwait, Lebanon, Algeria, Palestine, Mauritania, Comoros and Tajikistan will participate in the competitions of that edition.
This tournament is one of the Arab Football Association championships for the 2023 season, as the first and second editions were held in Egypt in 1998 and 2005, and the Egyptian national team won the title both times.

The third edition of the tournament was held in Libya in 2007 and the Libyan national team was crowned champion, before winning the title again in the fourth edition in Egypt in 2008.

Egypt hosted the competitions of the fifth edition of the tournament in 2021, and the Moroccan national team was crowned the title, before it was crowned again with the title of the sixth edition in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia last year.

On the other hand, the Organizing Committee of the Championship will hold, tomorrow and the day after tomorrow, a preparatory meeting in Jeddah Governorate, to find out about all the preparations of the committees, and this will be followed by a unified press conference for the coaches of all the teams participating in the tournament.

The competitions will be held in the Ministry of Sports Hall, in Jeddah Governorate, at Prince Abdullah Al-Faisal Stadium.

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