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Messi’s future…between a crazy challenge against Ronaldo and nostalgia for the past

Messi’s future…between a crazy challenge against Ronaldo and nostalgia for the past

Messi’s future…between a crazy challenge against Ronaldo and nostalgia for the past

Argentine star Lionel Messi is looking for a new and perhaps final challenge, after two disappointing seasons with Paris Saint-Germain, the French football champions, which he concluded on Saturday under the whistles of the Parisian public.

Three destinations appear before the “flea”, who will turn thirty-six on the twenty-fourth of this month, which are the Kingdom, the Spanish Barcelona, ​​or the American Inter Miami.

Crazy challenge

MessiThe Saudi fans are waiting for a crazy challenge in the Saudi Roshen League, if Messi joins the Saudi Roshen League, and faces his Portuguese rival Cristiano Ronaldo, who joined Al-Nassr with a fictional deal estimated at more than 440 million euros until June 2025.

And Messi, who is linked to a contract with the Saudi Tourism Office, can follow in the footsteps of Ronaldo, according to many media outlets that touched on a massive offer from Al Hilal club, worth 400 million euros annually.

According to the Spanish newspaper “Sport”, the announcement of the contract with Messi is likely to be issued on Tuesday.


MessiReturning to Barcelona will have a completely different flavor for the “flea”, who will find his former colleague Xavi Hernandez, the current coach of the Catalan club.

And it will be a wonderful story for Messi, but the process is complicated for Barcelona under budget pressure, as the club is still awaiting approval by the Spanish League for the “economic plan” that it presented to lift the restrictions related to the Fair Financial Play Law, which includes extending the contracts of many key players in addition to Possible return of Messi.

In order not to exceed the salary cap, Barcelona must cut its spending by another 200 million euros, and that Messi may be close to hearts, but he is very far from the club.


MessiMessi has been associated with the recent period, with the move to Inter Miami, in Florida, in the American Professional League, which has always brought South American stars at the end of their professional career, such as Brazilian Pele, his compatriot Kaka, Argentine Goncalo Higuain or currently the other Brazilian Douglas Costa.

This option offers the advantage of bringing the Argentinian family closer to Miami. In this ideal living environment, the Argentine star will find another football star, Manchester United, Real Madrid, and former English international Paris Saint-Germain, David Beckham, one of the owners of Inter Miami in Florida.

Although it is less well-known than the major European leagues, the NBA is also a high-level tournament, and it may be an ideal solution for Messi.

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