Google launches the “Ads Transparency” center to provide a clearer view of the ads shown

Google announced the launch of the Ads Transparency Center, a new service that provides users with an easy way to learn more about the ads they encounter in its various services, such as search results and YouTube. The company said it launched this initiative to confirm its commitment to improving ad transparency and giving users control over their online choices.

The Ad Transparency Center builds on previous efforts by Google to provide more information about its advertisers. The company began these efforts in 2018 when it passed a policy whereby ad publishers must undergo verification procedures to ensure that its platform is not used to post false or misleading ads.

Google said that the new center represents a single place that users can turn to to obtain information related to the ads that appear to them. The center provides a search feature that allows you to find various details, such as ads published by a specific party, and the places and formats of those ads. The center aims to help the user know more about the advertiser before making the decision to purchase the advertised products.

Users can access the Transparency Center by entering the My Ad Center service, or by clicking on the three dots icon that appears next to web ads. The center provides additional options for users to like, block, or report ads. The user can also customize his advertising experience by adding the topics he wants to see ads related to, or deleting other topics.

The launch of the new service comes as part of a campaign launched by Google recently to improve users’ confidence in its services. In the same vein, Google announced yesterday that it had launched a set of tools to combat misleading information within its search engine results. New tools include improving the “About this result” feature, which allows users to learn more information about the sites they visit. It also introduced the “Viewpoints” feature, which displays the various points of view on the main stories that the user is searching for, by displaying the opinions of journalists and experts. In addition to the “About this Author” feature, which enables the user to learn more about the content writers whose names appear in Google searches.

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