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“The door was not closed.” Benzema’s position on the federation’s offer was inconsistent

“The door was not closed.” Benzema’s position on the federation’s offer was inconsistent

“The door was not closed.” Benzema’s position on the federation’s offer was inconsistent

The Spanish newspaper Marca revealed a new development in the file of negotiations between Real Madrid and player Karim Benzema to renew his contract, in light of what is reported about his approach to Al-Ittihad club.

And “Marca” stated, through a report published on Thursday evening, that the French international player is very grateful to Saudi Arabia for the tremendous interest it has shown him, but he wants to leave Real Madrid through the big door, so he will continue with the remaining year of his contract.

The Spanish newspaper concluded its report that Benzema does not close the option to play in the Saudi League after the end of the next season 2023/2024.

For his part, a source inside the club told “France Prince” that the veteran French striker Karim Benzema did not give his final approval to join Al-Ittihad Club, despite the “open line” between the Saudi Football League champion and the top scorer of Real Madrid.

“There is an open line of negotiations with Benzema, but so far Benzema has not given federation officials final approval for his transfer to the team, starting next season,” said the source inside the club, which was finally crowned with the league title for the first time since 2009.

The Federation hopes to include the best player in the world for the year 2022, to participate in its ranks in the next Club World Cup, scheduled for next December in Saudi Arabia.

And left the Spanish Real Madrid scorer, the door open to all possibilities about his future, by saying during an honoring ceremony held by the sports newspaper “Marca” in his honor: “Why talk about my future. I am in Madrid. Those who talk (about his transfer) are on the Internet, and the Internet is not the truth.” “.

Benzema’s contract (35 years) with Real Madrid ends on June 30, but he can extend his contract, by his decision, for an additional season, which will be his fifteenth in the ranks of the royal team, thanks to the Golden Ball he won last year, according to a clause in his original contract.

Spanish newspapers reported that Benzema received an offer from the Saudi League for 200 million euros over two years, to join the local league, where his former Real Madrid colleague, Portuguese star Cristiano Ronaldo, plays with Al-Nasr Club.

Benzema, who won 25 titles with Real Madrid, who lost the league title this season to rivals Barcelona, ​​​​added: “At the moment I am here. I have training on Friday and Sunday. We play a match, and I enjoy being here every day.”

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