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Ronaldo: I expected us to win a title this season..and I will continue with victory

Ronaldo: I expected us to win a title this season..and I will continue with victory

Ronaldo: I expected us to win a title this season..and I will continue with victory

The Portuguese professional in the ranks of victory, Cristiano Ronaldo, said that he expected his club to be crowned with a title during the past season 2022/2023.

Ronaldo added, during a meeting with Roshen League accounts, today, Thursday: “My expectations were somewhat different, frankly. I expected that we would win one of the titles this year, but things do not always go as we wish or expect. The best”.

And the Portuguese star continued: “We will improve a lot, looking at the last 5 or 6 months, the team has improved a lot, and the same with the league, all the teams have improved in addition to my team, it sometimes takes some time but if you have faith and believe that it is your goal, everything is possible in my opinion, but it did not happen.” This matter”.

And I went on: “Next year I am very optimistic and confident that things will change and we will take the best path, so we have to believe and work on that. Speaking of the league, I think the league is really good, but there are very many opportunities for growth. The league is good and competitive and we have good teams, and so is the case for For the Arab players, I think the infrastructure needs to improve a bit, and even the referees and the VAR system, I think they should be a little faster, and there are some small things that need improvement, but I am happy here and I want to continue here and I will continue.

And he added: “In my opinion, if they continue to work on their plans in the next five years, I believe that the Saudi League will become among the 5 strongest league competitions in the world. My teammates certainly noticed my nature, my discipline and my work ethic. He played football at the highest level for 20 years.” It is not a coincidence that genes are important, but there are other important factors as well. It complements the difference in what you do to use those abilities. I think I have helped a lot of players. Their view of fitness and lifestyle. You realize how to play football we have to focus and be professional at least and present. your best.”

Regarding the challenges he faced, he said: “There are some difficult parts, but as I mentioned earlier, the matter is similar in Europe, but perhaps because we train in the morning in Europe, and here we train in the afternoon or in the evening, and when the month of Ramadan begins, we train at ten o’clock in the evening. It is very strange, this experience, the memories, the situations were all different. I like to live those moments because they give you what you learn from them and from cultures as well. It is difficult, but it is not something that I have not encountered in the past. Good thing”.

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