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The relegation struggle.. the complex calculation game

The relegation struggle.. the complex calculation game

The relegation struggle.. the complex calculation game

Conditions changed in the Roshan League after Al-Ittihad won the competition title, so that all eyes turned to the teams threatened with relegation in the last round of the competition.

The last round of the Roshen League will decide the second team that will be relegated to the Yellow League, after the relegation of the Al-Batin team was officially confirmed.

new system

According to the system approved by the Saudi Federation, only two clubs will be relegated this season, and in return 4 clubs will be promoted from the Yellow League, bringing the number of Roshan League clubs to 18 clubs, starting from the next season.

As for the battle for promotion, it was decided by joining Al-Ahly, Al-Hazm, Al-Okhdood and Al-Riyadh clubs to the Roshan League competitions.

As for those who were relegated this season, Al-Wahda team, whose fans experienced difficult times over the past rounds, emerged from that whirlpool, but it managed to collect the number of points needed to survive.

The Al-Wehda team ensured its survival in the Roshen League after winning 2-1 during the match that brought it together with its counterpart Al-Ta’i on Saturday evening, as part of the 29th round of the Roshen League.

After Al-Wahda left Al-Hisba, there are 3 teams left that are threatened with relegation, and seek to escape this fate when the time comes for the last round of the Roshan League.


complex calculations

The three teams are Al Fayhaa, ranked 13th with 30 points, Al Khaleej, ranked 14th with 28 points, and Al Adala, ranked 28th with 28 points.

And the Gulf is considered to have the most difficult position among the three teams, as it is the team that awaits the results of the competitors, unlike Al-Fayhaa and Al-Adalah, who can decide their fate with their own hands, and if they win, it means that the Gulf will be relegated even if they also win.


In general, complex calculations will be present in the round, and the calculation will be carried out according to the regulations that stipulate that in the event of equality in points, the results of the three teams between them will be returned, and if the tie between them continues, then the highest goal difference will be returned.

In the direct confrontation part, if the points are equal, the Al-Adalah team has the best advantage over its competitors, Al-Fayhaa and Al-Khaleej, as it is in its favour.

In the last round, Al-Adala will face Al-Ettifaq, and Al-Khaleej will meet with Abha, while Al-Fayha will be the guest of Al-Wahda.

Al-Fayha Club

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The relegation struggle.. the complex calculation game
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