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Why did the victory come out with a zero season despite the “deal of the century”?

Why did the victory come out with a zero season despite the “deal of the century”?

Why did the victory come out with a zero season despite the “deal of the century”?

The dreams of Al-Nasr fans reached the sky when their club announced the conclusion of its historic deal to sign Portuguese legend Cristiano Ronaldo last January.

Al-Nasr fans saw that the team is on a date with one coronation after another, especially since Ronaldo came to a stable group, which led it to achieve distinguished results in the Roshen League, which at this time was at the forefront of victory amid strong competition from Al-Ittihad and Al-Shabab.

Super shock

Dreams of victory received a heavy blow a few weeks after the “Ronaldo” deal, as the team lost to Al-Ittihad in the Saudi Super Cup semi-finals, forfeiting the opportunity for “Ronaldo” to be crowned first in the team’s shirt.

Hegazy and Ronaldo

Al-Nasr tried to overcome this loss and move forward in the league until its decisive match came against Al-Ittihad, who defeated it and took the lead from it under the eyes of Ronaldo, who failed for the second time in leading the team to achieve victory against the “general”, who turned into “stubborn” in front of the Al-Nasr Brigade, so that the dreams of his fans collide again. With a team that became a knot for them in a season that turned from a breakthrough towards the podiums to a zero season for the second year in a row.

crisis after crisis

During the current season, Al-Nasr was exposed to many crises, including what was due to administrative decisions, including those related to injuries that struck important elements of the team during a sensitive time of the season, perhaps the most prominent of which was the injury of Colombian goalkeeper David Ospina, and Argentine star Betty Martinez, whose injury ended his season with Al-Nassr.

At the level of administrative decisions, a sector of Al-Nasr fans believes that Al-Nasr management was not successful in many decisions related to the team, including the dispensation of Cameroonian striker Vincent Abu Bakr, whose departure affected Al-Nasr attack.

Vincent Abu Bakr

Al-Nasr Club faced a crisis after the historic deal by contracting with “Cristiano Ronaldo”, as he had to dispense with one of the foreign players, so that “Abu Bakr” would be chosen, while news varied as to whether this decision was technical from the technical staff, or that the club’s management was the one who forced the former coach. Rudy Garcia to lay off the player.

Abu Bakr’s brilliance with the new club, Besiktas, angered and resented the Al-Nasr fans, as the player scored 7 goals and scored 7 goals in his last 6 matches with Besiktas, while the Al-Nasr attack faced problems in many matches.

And if the injuries that hit the team affected its level, the methods of dealing with the injury crisis increased the severity of the crisis, as Al-Nasr resorted to concluding the goalkeeper deal after Ospina was injured without deliberation or study, to contract with goalkeeper Agustin Rossi, who did not succeed in presenting his credentials with the team. To rely on the young goalkeeper Nawaf Al-Aqidi, who won the approval of the masses.

Administrative confusion and untimely dismissal


Another decision that the fans considered was not successful from the management of “Al Muammar”, represented by the dismissal of Rudy Garcia from coaching the team at a sensitive time in the season, as a large segment of Al-Nasr fans demanded Garcia’s dismissal, but at the same time saw that the coach should be dispensed with. At the end of the season or if there is a senior coach to take over the job immediately.

This was not achieved in both cases, as Garcia was dismissed 7 rounds before the end of the season and before the team entered the King’s Cup semi-finals, while the coach of the club’s youth team, who had no experience in training clubs at the first level, was hired before.

The result of this decision was that Al-Nasr missed all the opportunities that would preserve its chances of competing in the league, and it also knocked the team out of the King’s Cup after losing to Al-Wehda in the semi-finals.

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