Instagram launches “collaborative groups” to share posts between friends

Meta, the developer of the Instagram social networking application, announced the launch of Collaborative Collections, a feature that allows users to save and organize posts jointly with friends in a dedicated space.

Collaborative Groups is an evolution of the Groups feature launched by Instagram in 2017, which allows users to group saved posts for easy access. The new feature extends this idea by enabling users to create groups with their friends.

In a statement to TechCrunch, the company stated that “collaborative groups” are a new way for users to communicate with friends with common interests, through the ability to save posts in a collaborative group within a group conversation or in the form of individual direct messages. In other words, the user can share the posts with a friend or a group of friends, and save those posts in a dedicated space.
Adam Mosseri, head of Instagram, said users can now create a collaborative group, give it a custom name, and share it with friends who can then contribute content. He added that the feature allows any member of the conversation to add or remove posts from the group, and offers many potential uses, such as planning trips, creating spaces for common interests, or sharing daily tips and ideas.

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The introduction of this feature comes after the recent updates from Instagram, the most prominent of which is the “channels” feature dedicated to broadcasting news on the service. Channels allow content creators to post messages and updates in a way that allows them to interact directly with their followers. The feature supports text, images, polls, and interactions, among other things.

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