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Nuno Santo’s “principles” win and capture the hearts of Al-Ittihad fans

Nuno Santo’s “principles” win and capture the hearts of Al-Ittihad fans

Nuno Santo’s “principles” win and capture the hearts of Al-Ittihad fans

On the fourth of July 2022, Al-Ittihad Club announced its contract with the Portuguese “Nuno Santo” to lead the team after the dismissal of Romanian coach Cosmin Contra, following the team’s loss of the league title in the last few meters.

And the contract with Santoa opened the door to controversy and questioning among the federal fans, who were divided between a supporter of bringing in a coach with experience he gained from his experience in the English Premier League with Wolverhampton and Tottenham, and an opponent of contracting with a coach known for his defensive method that may not suit the team that is used to playing with offensive intensity. .

With the start of the 2022-2023 season, the fears of the conservative fans grew about bringing in “Santo”, as his defense style, which was completely different from the method adopted by his predecessor Contra, became evident, so that this method cost the team the loss of several points in the first rounds, as the team tied in front of the agreement at home and outside. His stadium tied in front of Al-Nassr and Damak.


In the first 10 rounds, Al-Ittihad scored 24 points under the leadership of Santo, one point behind Al-Shabab and one point ahead of Al-Nassr.

With the succession of matches, Al-Ittihad fans began to realize the value of Nuno Santo’s defensive method, which contributed to the team’s achievement of many victories and its exit with a “clean sheet” in some of them, so that Brazilian goalkeeper Marcelo Grohe achieved a historical record in the number of matches in which a goalkeeper comes out with a clean sheet in the history of football. The Saudi League has 18 matches, which is a number that is expected to increase if it comes out with a clean sheet in the last match against Al-Tai.

With the start of the second round, the Al-Ittihad fans’ conviction of the Portuguese coach increased, and his critics turned into his most prominent supporters, so that the Al-Ittihad fans united behind Nuno Santo, who embraced gold for the first time last January when he led the team to crown the Saudi Super Cup for the first time in the club’s history, and in the first version of the tournament with its new system. , for Al-Ittihad to achieve a new historical achievement in its name in the list of Saudi championships.


Santo was not satisfied with this coronation, but continued to work until, after 20 rounds, he managed to snatch the lead, which he held on to until the team officially won the title against Al-Fayhaa in the 29th round.

In all, Nuno Santo led Al-Ittihad to achieve the league title with the highest point tally in its history in the competition, as it reached 69 points with it so far, and it has the opportunity to reach 72 points if it wins the last match.

Under the leadership of Santoa, Al-Ittihad achieved victory in 21 matches, “the most winning team,” and 6 draws, “the third-least tied team,” while losing only two matches, “the least-losing team.”

At the level of scoring, Al-Ittihad players scored 58 points, as the second strongest attack, while its net conceded only 13 goals, “the strongest line of defense.”

And in the harvest week of his work with Al-Ittihad, “Nono Santo”, who triumphed for his principles by steadfast in his style despite the criticism, became the adoration of the brigadier general’s fans, who hoped that the Portuguese coach, whose name was associated with many clubs in the English Premier League, would continue with them, which may not be decided whether the coach remains. Or his departure until after the end of the season and the end of the celebrations, although the first indications suggest that the coach who made glory will remain, and he may want to continue it.

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