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Al-Akhdar won 9 medals in the Arab Billiards Championship

Al-Akhdar won 9 medals in the Arab Billiards Championship

Al-Akhdar won 9 medals in the Arab Billiards Championship

The Saudi national billiards player, Khaled Al-Ghamdi, won the second gold medal for himself and the national team in the Arab Billiards and Snooker Championship, which was hosted by Riyadh with the participation of 12 teams and concluded on Monday evening.

Al-Ghamdi snatched the gold medal in the 9-ball billiards competitions, after defeating Iraqi Qassem Hussein, who won the silver medal, while Saudi Nawaf Al-Shamradal won the bronze medal jointly with his colleague Abdul Rahman Al-Mousa.

In the women’s competition, Saudi Arabia’s Rahaf Al-Asiri won the bronze medal in the 9-ball billiards competition, while Kuwaiti Manal Al-Qallaf snatched the gold medal, and Bahraini Nahla Al-Sunni won the silver medal.

Thus, the Saudi green raised its medal tally before the conclusion to 9 medals, with two gold medals by Khaled Al-Ghamdi, two silver medals by Ayman Al-Omari and Lara Al-Zanan, and five bronze medals achieved by Ziyad Al-Qabbani, Ahmed Al-Jabbar, Rahaf Al-Asiri, Nawaf Al-Shamradal and Abdul Rahman Al-Mousa.

In the team competitions, the Qatar team won the 10-ball team billiard gold, while the Iraq team snatched the doubles team gold in snooker.

On the other hand, at six in the evening, on Monday, the closing ceremony of the championship will be held at the training headquarters of the Saudi Billiards and Snooker Federation, in the presence of the President of the International Snooker Federation Mubarak Al-Khayarin, the President of the Arab Federation Amr Al-Kharadli, and the President of the Saudi Federation Dr. Nasser Al-Shammari, and many diverse paragraphs will be held during the ceremony. The final, in addition to crowning the first places in the championship.

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