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Hammad Al-Dossary: ​​“Riyadh” is competing fiercely…and our stadium is capable of hosting any event

Hammad Al-Dossary: ​​“Riyadh” is competing fiercely…and our stadium is capable of hosting any event

Hammad Al-Dossary: ​​“Riyadh” is competing fiercely…and our stadium is capable of hosting any event

A member of the Riyadh Club Board of Directors, and the general supervisor of the first football team, Hammad Al-Dosari, spoke about the club’s status, after returning to the Saudi Roshen League for the new sports season 2023-2024, for the first time in 18 years, during which he moved between the first and second division leagues before he He can go up to the professionals.

Hammad Al-Dosari said, in an exclusive interview, “Sport 24“Certainly, the Riyadh club has returned to the position that befits it and the place it is accustomed to.. and anyone who has experienced Saudi sports knows that Riyadh is its natural place in the professional league, as it competes fiercely for championships, and stars come out to help the teams.”



Hammad Al-Dossary explained that the Sports Club from the 1995-1996 season suffered from assigning administrations and was affected by this thing a lot, but after the election of the Bandar Al-Muqil administration and within 4 years it achieved huge leaps, especially football, with evidence of ascending to the Roshan League and in all games and all age groups and at the level government in all directions.

And a member of the Riyadh administration continued: “The result of the work of any administration appears after the fourth year, after you establish the business and get acquainted with the club’s facilities .. The continuation of the current management of Bandar Al-Muqil is very important for the interest of the Riyadh Club, and it must continue to reap the results of this experience .. And as the president announced he wants to We wish success to him and the members of his board of directors.


The general supervisor of the first football team indicated that the club includes distinguished cadres in this file, and Riyadh is coveted and is currently playing in the professional league, and is located in a distinguished place, so it will not suffer from attracting sponsors in the next season.



And Hammad Al-Dosari continued, that there is more than one club whose establishment is smaller than the Riyadh club, so our stands are larger than many stadiums in the league such as Al-Taawun, and we need minor improvements to develop dressing rooms and stands, and I believe that the club’s stadium is capable of hosting any event.

The new coach

Hammad Al-Dosari touched on the file of the new coach, saying: “This file has not been resolved, and there is no 100% confirmed information, but we will not limit ourselves in this file, and we will choose the best technical staff to advance the team and put it in the right place.”

And he continued: “Riyadh Club deserves to have a good appearance in the matches, and the coach is still present and the foreign players are present, and we assure the public that the management will seek to contract with the best training and technical competencies and players to reach the position that suits us and put Riyadh in the right place for it.”


Preparations for next season

Al-Dossary said that there will be an external camp in the Netherlands from 20 to 22 days, and foreign players are the most important file, and the presence of 8 foreign players in the team is not easy, and we are not in a race to announce deals, but we must be careful about choices.

And he stressed: “The Riyadh fans remember that we contracted with the best players during our presence in the second degree, and the players were influential and contributed to the rise to the Roshen League, and if we were successful in the file of foreign players with local players, the team will be in a safe area early during the next season.” The most important targets, and we have a reserve league, so we are forced to sign contracts for the benefit of the club, and we need 18 to 20 distinguished players so that the team is not affected by injuries or absences.

What is the ambition of the club?

Al-Dossary concluded: “In general, our ambition is to compete, and this will be the team’s first season in the professional league after an absence of 18 years. We will play with experienced teams that have their foreign elements, financial and technical stability, and the competition will be difficult. Our goal is to form an enjoyable team and ensure survival in the league from an early age.”

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