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How do you save yourself from brain fog?

How do you save yourself from brain fog?

How do you save yourself from brain fog?

Potential solutions depend on the exact nature of someone’s brain fog and how it affects their daily life, so your first step should be to consult a doctor and explain the symptoms.

Here are some other strategies that doctors may suggest to help relieve brain fog.

1- Reducing medication

One of the first things to do is try to get rid of unnecessary medications, especially those whose side effects are linked to brain fog.

These drugs can include sedatives, as well as pills used to treat insomnia, but ask your doctor before stopping medication.

2- Improve sleep

An episode of disrupted jet lag can cause short-lived brain fog, but people with chronic sleep problems frequently experience brain fog.

The good news is that practicing good sleep habits can help, which means getting a consistent bedtime; sleeping in a dark and cool room; And avoid screens for an hour before bed, as calm and regular sleep is an important factor in maintaining brain health.

3- Doing sports

Exercising outdoors may help with mental fogginess, however, a person with severe brain fog must work with a private therapist, as trying to exercise alone can be risky in this case.

4- Reducing the burden on the brain

Take steps to reduce the pressure on your memory, consider relying on lists rather than your memory, and try to avoid multitasking until you feel better.

5- Attention to mental health

People with depression are more likely to develop brain fog that affects memory and lasts for months or years. Medication or antidepressants may help relieve brain fog, in addition to other symptoms.

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