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“Patience is the key to the title” .. Al-Ittihad ends its lean years in the league with “Glory to History”

“Patience is the key to the title” .. Al-Ittihad ends its lean years in the league with “Glory to History”

“Patience is the key to the title” .. Al-Ittihad ends its lean years in the league with “Glory to History”

Difficult years, many disappointments, between a relegation that was close to him and a title that drew close to him, so he turned his back on him. The fans of Al-Ittihad lived in the hope of a joy that would make them forget the pain that no one could bear, so that the 27th of May 2023 would be a date for this joy that the fans of the dean will not forget for years and years. .

On Saturday evening, Al-Ittihad officially won the Roshen Professional League title for the first time in 14 years, to also win the cup for the first edition of the league under its current name.

Al-Ittihad’s decision to win the league came after its great victory over Al-Fayhaa, 3-0, in the match that took place between them for the 29th round, which was what the team needed to be officially crowned, without considering the result of its pursuit of victory, which stumbled in front of Al-Ettifaq for the same round, so that the difference between them widened to 5 points.

Union Club

The Al-Ittihad season was not easy, but rather difficult at all, amid intense competition from Al-Nassr, Al-Shabab and Al-Hilal, as Al-Shabab topped the first rounds of the season before Al-Nasr took the lead, while Al-Hilal retreated, so that the competition was limited to Al-Nasr and Al-Ittihad, as the latter kept looking for the lead to join it in the twentieth round. During which he beat Al-Nasr to remove him from the lead and take it until the title was officially decided.

Al-Ittihad went through difficult turns during the season, the most prominent of which was the criticism directed at the Portuguese coach Nuno Santo after stumbling in several matches, most notably a tie against Al-Ettifaq and joining you. However, the Al-Ittihad administration decided to continue Santo in order to preserve the stability of the team, especially since the team faced a dilemma by depriving it of registration in the last winter period. Which did not enable the team to conclude deals to support its ranks.

Under the leadership of its coach, Nuno Santo, Al-Ittihad was armed with “patience”, as the team maintained its defensive level even with the offensive side retreating in some matches. historical.

Nuno Santo

Digitally, Al-Ittihad achieved its highest point average in the history of the professional league with 69 points, which is the number that is expected to increase if it wins or draws in its last match against Al-Ta’i.

Al-Ittihad has so far achieved 21 wins as the most winning club among the Roshen League clubs, compared to 6 draws as the least tied teams, while it came as the least losing team with only two defeats.

Al-Ittihad’s attack scored 58 goals as the second strongest line of attack this season, compared to only 13 goals conceded as the strongest line of defense.

Ahmed Hegazy celebrate with the audience

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