Convert the image into a link and the best site to upload images

Convert the image into a link and the best site to upload images

Convert the image into a link and the best site to upload images

Converting an image into a link is what you definitely need if you are a professional article writer or want to do specific research and need to upload many images, so we offer you through a useful site everything that helps you about this; By presenting the most important sites that convert images as well as converting video into a link, with an indication of how to convert it through computer screens or via the iPhone, in addition to the most important and best site for uploading images and how to upload moving images and presenting the most important advantages that the giant site enjoys regarding making the image on Link form.

How to convert an image into a link for iPhone

It has become easy to convert the image into a link just by following the steps mentioned:

  1. At first, click on the Settings button.
  2. Click on the photo software button.
  3. Activate iCloud Photos and then head to Photo Gallery.
  4. Select the image you want to convert and long click on it.
  5. Finally, share it and press the Copy link through iCloud button.

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Program to convert the image to a link for the computer

The image can be converted into a link from the computer in the following way:

  1. Download Greenshot from here.
  2. Clicking on the word download without requiring any payment from you.
  3. How you download Greenshot is determined by your Windows or Mac hardware and download.
  4. Click the Accept Terms and Conditions button to complete the download.
  5. Click Next on all pages to install the program on your computer screen.
  6. You can easily upload the image, make it a link, and take it at any time through History or Imgur.

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Convert video to link

As for the steps to convert the video into a link, it is as follows:

  1. Access Vimeo from here.
  2. Then you will automatically go to your own page on Google.
  3. To convert a video into a Vimeo link, select the video you want to upload and change it to a link.
  4. Click Upload Files at the top of the page.
  5. Copy the link from above to complete the conversion process successfully.

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Convert video to link
Convert video to link

Best site for uploading photos

After learning how to change the video into a link, there are more than one site that uploads images and transfers them to a link, including:

  • Google Drive website

It is the most famous site in the field of uploading images and changing them into a link, and it is characterized by not only uploading images, but also can upload documents and videos, as well as songs and music clips, and it also provides you with enough space to upload whatever images you want, which may exceed 15 GB.

  • Gofile website

The best site for uploading images with a link with ease without any financial compensation, in addition to the ability of Gofile to save documents, but they may be deleted only if they are more than ten days late without opening them or making any changes or modifications to them. You can visit the site from here.

  • EMG box website

It is one of the programs that took the lead in converting the image into a link without any charge, and it is characterized by the large area that it bears to include the largest possible number of images as well as files, and in order to benefit from it, you should open a special account for it.

  • ezgif site

One of the sites that is easy to use; This is done by clicking here, then clicking on the word Choose File, selecting the image or document to be uploaded, completing the download process, and immediately after that, the images or file will be uploaded.

  • ShareEx website

It is a distinguished program through which you can download whatever images, files, and documents you want without any physical counterpart, and it can be accessed easily by clicking here.

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Upload animation

You can upload animated images and change them to a link only by using one of the following sites:

  • Tumblr

It is one of the distinguished sites that include the largest number of images that make it easy for you to download and save animated images on your mobile phone from here.

  • Imgur website

It is one of the most popular sites, day after day. This is for the ease of converting images into a link in it easily and without having to create an account with it, and it can be accessed from here.


It is by far the easiest site to find gifs in; It supports more than one billion animated images, and it has a search engine that enables you to search for the image you want to upload easily, unlike many other sites, and it is easy to find it from here.

  • URL site

After accessing the i-converter program, go directly to the URL site to convert the image into a link, and it can be accessed easily from here, and then you can select the images to be converted into a link, and click on the word convert for the success of the process.

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Direct file upload

We are also interested in offering you the most important and prominent sites that change the image to a link as follows:

  • MediaFire website

It is one of the most important sites that upload images and change them into a link, and it is characterized by the speed of downloading and changing, and all this is done without any charge, with high professionalism and a coordinated system, and you can find it from here.

  • Cover website

It provides services that many customers need, and perhaps the best of them is that deleted photos or files can be recovered easily, as long as they were not deleted more than a month ago.

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Best site for uploading photos
Best site for uploading photos

Giant to upload pictures

The giant site has many advantages in making images a link, and among these advantages:

  • Preserving the privacy of the images and files you upload and not allowing others to view them at all without your permission.
  • Save photos and files for a long time without deletion, up to 3 years.
  • Giant service to upload images and convert them into links without any financial compensation.
  • Merge photos into a special file so that you can easily view them later on any device.
  • The giant photo upload service allows you to move between your photos easily with the ability to delete or modify them.
  • Sending a warning message when it’s about to delete a photo.
  • Easy to browse images without having to type the code each time.
  • It can be downloaded from here.

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Google Images Download

After getting to know a giant for uploading images, we explain that Google works to link images and videos in an organized manner, so that it facilitates the process of sharing at a later time, and that it is always subject to new updates and modifications according to the need of its customers.

Despite this, he did not win the admiration of many, especially in recent times. Many of its users are attacking it and seeing that it has gone bad and is not backing up on its own in the album arrangement.

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In conclusion, we note that converting the image into a link in order for it to be successful, the steps must be completed in the aforementioned order without leaving any step unimplemented, and that you must review the instructions of any site before uploading images and files to it.

common questions

How to convert an image into a link?

There is more than one way to modify the image to a link, including modifying it through Google Drive; You have to click on the word download, and then you will automatically go to the pictures on your mobile phone, then select the pictures that you want to upload, after that click on the 3 points at the top of the program, and click on the word Share, and thus the process will be completed successfully.

How do I convert the image into code?

The image can be converted to code, just by following the following: Download image documents and convert them to HTML format via the Internet, then click on the options to change the image to HTML, and then upload the result in code format, and click on the word Send link via email.

What is Top4toP?

It is a site that downloads and uploads images, as well as files in some Arab countries, which extend from the Arabian Gulf to Morocco.

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