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WWE Superstars Visit City Walk

WWE Superstars Visit City Walk

WWE Superstars Visit City Walk

A number of freestyle wrestling stars participating in the Night of Champions in Jeddah Superdome visited the “City Walk” area, one of the most prominent areas of the Jeddah 2023 events calendar, which witnesses the holding of a large number of various entertainment activities and events, as well as the interesting and rich experiences it offers to citizens, residents and tourists in the city of Jeddah.

The WWE champions were briefed on the most prominent events in the region, and they toured many tourist, entertainment, commercial and events areas that are included in City Walk, including; Carnival with its atmosphere full of excitement and enthusiasm, and the Jeddah Live area, as well as the anime area with a traditional Japanese character.

The freestyle wrestling stars enjoyed the various events and entertainment programs in the region, and they participated in a number of interactive entertainment experiences, games and various activities, in addition to having dinner at one of the famous restaurants in the region.

The “City Walk” area is one of the most important and largest areas in the calendar of events in Jeddah, as it includes 10 various entertainment areas, offering many shows, events, live experiences, adventures and various games, within a distinguished package of integrated services, including shops and restaurants.

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