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Ronaldo’s prostration and Al Hilal’s negative numbers… Features of round 28

Ronaldo’s prostration and Al Hilal’s negative numbers… Features of round 28

Ronaldo’s prostration and Al Hilal’s negative numbers… Features of round 28

The competitions of the 28th round of the Roshan League ended with Al-Ittihad leading the competition with 66 points, Al-Nasr in second place with 63 points, and Al-Shabab in third place with 53 points.

The 28th round witnessed many important figures, statistics and facts, especially in light of the approaching end of the season, and “Sport 24” monitors them as follows:

Victory Remontada

At the top of the round, Al-Nasr was able to defeat its youth counterpart, after turning the tables on its opponent and winning 3-2 in the match that brought them together at Al-Awal Park Stadium, which gave Al-Nasr an opportunity to continue its career to compete for the Roshan League title this season.

Al-Nasr team officially became the fourth team in the Saudi Super Cup, to join Al-Hilal, Al-Ittihad and Al-Wehda.

Al-Nasr and Al-Shabab match

Clashes of the players of the two teams

The youth and victory summit witnessed a crisis before the end of the first half, after the players of the two teams clashed, after the outbreak of Khalab, the youth player, Santi Mina, and the full-back of Al-Nasr, Sultan Al-Ghanam.

The referee tried to contain the chaos that occurred, by issuing a red card to a member of the Al-Nasr coaching staff, and warning Santi Mina, the youth player.

Clashes between victory and youth players

Ronaldo shine

The match witnessed the brilliance of Portuguese star Cristiano Ronaldo, who managed to score the third goal for his team in the youth net, after he launched the ball wonderfully from the left side, then hit the ball into the goal.

The 38-year-old made the 16th goal-scoring contribution in the league this season, scoring 14 goals and providing two assists.


The celebration of prostration

The Don also succeeded in breaking his fast against the senior League of Warshen, after he failed to score against Al-Ittihad and Al-Hilal so far.

The photographers’ lenses captured the moment the victory player, Portuguese star Cristiano Ronaldo, celebrated by scoring his team’s third goal in front of the youth with “prostration”.

Video footage circulating on social media platforms revealed that Ronaldo prostrated himself in the manner of his colleagues in victory after scoring the goal.

Ronaldo celebrates prostration

The subconscious is the first to descend

While the Al-Batin team bid farewell to the Roshan League competitions after being defeated by a clean goal against its counterpart Al-Ittihad in the 28th round.

After the defeat, Al-Batin’s balance stopped at 19 points, bottom of the Roshen League standings, 8 points ahead of Al-Adalah, who ranked 15th.

Thus, Al-Batin Club is considered the first to be relegated to the Yellow League in the next season 2023/2024.

Saudi Al-Batin Club

Historic victory for justice

The round witnessed the Al-Adalah team achieving a historic victory at the expense of Al-Hilal with two unanswered goals in the match that brought them together at Prince Abdullah bin Jalawi Stadium in Al-Ahsa.

This is the first victory for Al-Adalah over Al-Hilal in the history of the two teams’ confrontations since the launch of the Professional League, that is, since 2008.

Justice Club

Negative numbers for the crescent

Al-Adalah joined Al-Batin, being one of the teams that defeated Al-Hilal for the first time in the history of the Professional League, after Al-Batin succeeded in defeating Al-Hilal in the 24th round of the competition.

Al-Hilal scored many negative numbers after the defeat from Al-Adalah, being the fifth loss this season, and it also failed to score for the fourth time this season.

With the defeat from Al-Adalah as well, Al-Hilal lost the last hope of occupying the title of the ranking, especially after Al-Nasr’s victory over Al-Shabab, but there is still a chance to occupy third place at the expense of Al-Shabab, who is superior to it by goal difference.

Crescent and justice

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