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Complex calculations ignite a struggle for survival among the quartet

Complex calculations ignite a struggle for survival among the quartet

Complex calculations ignite a struggle for survival among the quartet

Al-Batin became the first to leave the Roshen Professional League, while calculations were complicated about the identity of the second team that would accompany him to the First Division, two rounds before the end.

And the struggle to survive became raging, especially after the precious victory that Al-Adalah achieved against Al-Hilal, in addition to Al-Khaleej’s victory over Al-Wehda for the 28th round.

Next Saturday, the 29th round matches will be held, all at one time, where Al-Fayhaa will meet with Al-Ittihad, Al-Ettifaq with Al-Nasr, Al-Shabab with Al-Taawon, Al-Ta’i with Al-Wahda, Al-Raed with Al-Khaleej, Al-Fateh with Dhamak, Abha with Al-Hilal and Al-Batin with Al-Adalah.

The season’s competitions will conclude next Wednesday with the matches of the 30th and final round, where Al-Ittihad will meet with Al-Ta’i, Al-Nasr with Al-Fateh, Al-Hilal with Al-Raed, Al-Taawon with Al-Batin, Al-Khaleej with Abha, Al-Wahda with Al-Fayhaa, Al-Adala with Al-Ittifaq and your inclusion with Al-Shabab.

4 clubs face the danger of relegation, which are Al-Fayhaa (30 points), Al-Wehda (29 points), Al-Adala (27 points) and Al-Khaleej (27 points).

All clubs have their fate in their hands by winning the remaining two matches without looking at the results of others, except for the Gulf, which will be in dire need of justice faltering, since the two teams being equal in the number of points while remaining in the 14th and 15th places will give preference to justice for its superiority against the Gulf in direct confrontations.

Al-Fayhaa needs to win one of its two remaining matches against Al-Ittihad or Al-Wehda to ensure survival without looking at the results of others.

On the other hand, Al-Wehda needs to win against Al-Tai in the next round and draw in the last round against Al-Fayhaa, provided that Al-Fayhaa falter against Al-Ittihad in the next round, which are results that Al-Wehda may not need in the first place if Al-Khaleej or Al-Adalah lose their remaining matches in the league.

Al-Adalah has two matches left, and if it wins, it will ensure its survival without looking at the results of others, given its superiority in direct confrontations against Al-Khaleej, as it will visit Al-Batin, who was officially relegated before receiving Al-Ettifaq in the last round.

On the other hand, Al-Khaleej will be a guest on Al-Raed before it receives Abha in the last round, and it will need to win two matches with Al-Adalah faltering, or Al-Wehda losing one of its two remaining matches, or Al-Fayhaa losing a match from the remaining two matches, due to the Gulf’s superiority in direct confrontations with Al-Fayhaa.

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