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Rimontada Al-Nasr in front of Al-Shabab ignites the competition for the title of Roshen (video and photos)

Rimontada Al-Nasr in front of Al-Shabab ignites the competition for the title of Roshen (video and photos)

Rimontada Al-Nasr in front of Al-Shabab ignites the competition for the title of Roshen (video and photos)

Al-Nasr achieved a dear victory at the expense of its guest, Al-Shabab, by three goals to two, in the match that brought them together at Al-Awal Park Stadium, at the summit of the 28th round of the tournament.

The victory hat-trick was scored by Talisca, Abdul Rahman Gharib and Cristiano Ronaldo in the 44th, 51st and 59th minutes, while Christian Guanca scored the youth double in the 25th minute penalty kick and 40th minute of the match.

With this result, the victory balance rises to 63 points, in second place after the leaders Al-Ittihad with 66 points, while Al-Shabab’s balance froze at 53 points, in third place in the general standings table.

first half:

Al-Shabab started the match as a striker, and he had his first chance in the match in the 4th minute, after Miteb Al-Harbi almost singled out the Russian goalkeeper Al-Nasr, but he hit the ball weakly.

And the play continued between the two teams during the first quarter of an hour, without serious chances for the two teams.

In the 17th minute, Al-Nasr players called for a penalty kick in favor of Abdul Rahman Gharib, after a strong intervention by Banega in the penalty area, but the referee continued playing.

In the 23rd minute, the referee awarded a penalty kick in favor of the youth team, after returning to the VAR, after Al-Nasr player Luiz Gustavo touched the ball with his hands.

In the 25th minute, Al-Shabab scored the first goal after Guanca hit the penalty kick to the right of Al-Nasr goalkeeper Rossi, who almost blocked the ball.

After conceding the first goal, Al-Nassr tried to intensify its attacks in order to score a draw, and in the 32nd minute, Al-Nassr almost scored through Ronaldo after a more than wonderful header from him hit the post.

And in the 40th minute, Guanca scored the second goal for himself and for the youth, after he took advantage of a more than wonderful artistic sentence to shoot to the left of the victory goalkeeper, and the ball entered the net.

In the 44th minute, Al-Nasr players succeeded in taking advantage of the youth defense’s mistake, and Al-Gharib snatched the ball and passed it to Al-Hassan. In addition, he gave a wonderful assist to Talisca, who shot accurately, and the ball entered the net of the youth goalkeeper.

Second half:

Al-Nassr started the second half of the match by pressing the youth team’s defense in order for the team to equalize, and in the 48th minute, Talisca almost scored the expected goal after he took advantage of a defensive gag and single-handedly shot the ball over the crossbar.

In the 51st minute, Al-Nasr’s pressure resulted in an equalizing goal, after Al-Hassan launched from the right side and sent a cross, which he received in a strange way and fired, announcing the equalizer for his team.

And in the 59th minute, Cristiano Ronaldo managed to score the third goal for victory, after he started from the left side and hit a wonderful ball that hit Kim Seung’s net.

In the 77th minute, Al-Shabab almost scored a draw after kicking off from Tireb Al-Harbi from the left side, after which the ball reached Carlos Jr., who shot the ball past a Russian goal.

Formation of the two teams:

Al-Nassr started the match with the formation as follows:

Agustin Rossi in goal, Sultan Al-Ghannam, Alvaro, Ali Lagami, Jislan Konan, Abdullah Al-Khaibri, Luiz Gustavo, Ali Al-Hassan, Anderson Talisca, Abdel-Rahman Gharib and Cristiano Ronaldo.

The youth started the match with the following formation:

Kim Seong-gyu in goal, Fawaz Al-Saqour, Hassan Timbukti, Iago Santos, Miteb Al-Harbi, Krichoviak, Hussein Al-Qahtani, Ever Banega, Christian Guanca, Carlos Jr., Santi Mina.

Youth and victory

Youth and victory

Youth and victory

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