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Walid Moaz: The night of Al-Ahly’s downfall was one of the worst days of my life

Walid Moaz: The night of Al-Ahly’s downfall was one of the worst days of my life

Walid Moaz: The night of Al-Ahly’s downfall was one of the worst days of my life

Al-Ahly President Walid Moaz said that the night of the club’s relegation from the Roshen League was one of the worst days of his life, stressing that he took over the responsibility in order to fix the mistakes.

The Al-Ahly president said during his interview with the Koura program: “My presidency of Al-Ahly is in this situation and timing, because the Al-Ahly club is a value, stature and history, and refraction is an exceptional event in the club’s history.”

And he continued his speech: “Al-Ahly Club is a great legacy, and I only thought for a few seconds before I decided to head it, and I am the son of this club.”

And he continued: “The night of relegation is one of the worst days of my life, and what happened was very heavy on the soul of every Al-Ahly fan, and there are some measures that, if taken, would not have relegated Al-Ahly.”

He added, “There is a person who acted incorrectly, and accordingly the team was relegated to the first division, and I came to the club to fix mistakes and not to look for someone who made a mistake.”

Moaz indicated that the image of Majed Al-Nifai, the former president, was removed from the club hall.

Commenting on the reasons and factors for Al-Ahly’s decline, Moaz said: “Ask the Ministry of Sports who is primarily responsible for Al-Ahly’s relegation to the first degree.”

He added, “Signing a goalkeeper who has not played for two seasons and an injured Argentine player is an unacceptable mistake, and the mind that chose them, I want to ask him how and why did you choose them?”

He continued, “My job is currently in Riyadh, and I travel to Jeddah 3-4 times a week, and my presidency of Al-Ahly is a voluntary work, and I used to pay the ticket price from my account in order not to take a single riyal from the club.”

He continued, “I do not receive any salary or reward for my presidency of Al-Ahly Club, and I only came to serve the place that I consider my home.”

Regarding the club elections, the Al-Ahly president said: “The Ministry of Sports decided to postpone the club elections until next July (after two months).”

And he continued, “The door for candidacy for the presidency of Al-Ahly Club was not opened until I decided whether or not to run for a new presidential term, and so far we have not received a request to hold an extraordinary general assembly.”

And he continued: “Until now, I have not decided to continue or move away from the presidency of Al-Ahly Club, and what is important now is the stability of the club in all its various games.”

He added: “My assignment to head Al-Ahly was a direct decision from the Minister of Sports, Prince Abdulaziz Al-Faisal, and there is a group in the ministry that is difficult to deal with without talking about the details.”

And he added, “There is a problem with financial payments in all Saudi clubs, and Al-Ahly is not the first club to be subjected to a sports penalty, such as being prevented from registering.”

And he continued his speech: “The number of cases in Al-Ahly is a very large number, there are local and international cases, there are those who cooperate with us in scheduling, and some of them refuse, and our support is insufficient.”

Regarding the penalty for preventing registration, the head of Al-Ahly said: “The penalty must be resolved, and if I have doubts that it will not be resolved, I will resign immediately, and the penalty may be lifted if all cases amounting to more than 100 million are paid.”

He added, “120 million riyals is the total of Al-Ahly club’s cases, and the amount currently in the club’s treasury only helps us finish our season.”

Commenting on the fate of the South African coach Pitso Musimane with the team, Moaz said: “After the last Al-Hazm meeting in the league, we will decide at that time whether or not the coach will continue. Pitso Musimane performed well with the team, but the ambition is greater.”

Al-Ahly President confirmed that Tayseer Al-Jassim is an ideal choice for the position of sports director because he is a leader and is good at dealing with all players, saying: “I see that administrative facilitation will be better than player facilitation.”

Regarding the team’s deals, Moaz said: “The contract with Fahd Al-Rashidi and Samihan Al-Nabit was for the great value of Al-Ahly club, and they immediately welcomed joining us, and they will play, God willing, for Al-Ahly in the next season.”

As for the fate of the Syrian striker Omar Al-Soma, he explained: “We have not yet decided whether or not the striker Omar Al-Soma will continue, and if it proves to me that Omar is the best choice for the club, he will remain, and if we are able to bring the best, he will leave.”

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