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How did Newcastle achieve the ‘Miracle of Champions’ in just 20 months?

How did Newcastle achieve the ‘Miracle of Champions’ in just 20 months?

How did Newcastle achieve the ‘Miracle of Champions’ in just 20 months?

Newcastle club – owned by the Saudi Investment Fund – wrote a new history for it in the English Premier League, after booking its seat among the Big Four for the first time in 20 years.

And Newcastle officially qualified for the Champions League in the next edition, after ensuring its presence among the top four by reaching 70 points before a round of the end, to crown the “Macbase” their wonderful season, which almost witnessed a crown as well, before losing to Manchester United in the English League Cup final.

A historic boom after the investment fund deal

The Saudi Investment Fund acquired Newcastle in October 2021, and at that time the team was struggling to stay in the Premier League, as it was at the bottom of the standings without any victory.


And the new administration began working early and at an accelerated and deliberate pace at the same time in order to lift the team from its stumbling block, as it contracted with coach “Eddie Howe” to succeed “Steve Bruce”. Under Howe’s leadership, the team’s results improved to finish last season in eleventh place, with 49 points.

With the start of the summer transfer period last year, Newcastle’s deals focused on players with talent and ambition, without trying to include the big stars, with the aim of taking steady and calm steps towards the top without spending a lot of money during the local competition, and postponing that until the “Macbase” managed to reach the Champions League. in the coming seasons.

Strong deals


In the summer of 2022, the administration concluded several strong deals, as the player Alexander Isak was included from Real Sociedad, Sven Putman from French Lille, Matt Targett from Aston Villa, and Nick Pope from Burnley.

With the start of the current season, Newcastle appeared in a different way and reserved its seat among the big four early, achieving many wonderful results, including a victory over Manchester United, Chelsea, a draw at Arsenal, and a draw against Manchester City, the champion of the competition.

The task of Newcastle was not easy at all due to the great names that abound in the Premier League from clubs that used to be in the Champions League, such as Manchester City, Liverpool, Tottenham, Chelsea, Arsenal and others, but Newcastle managed to snatch the third seat behind City, the champion of the competition and Arsenal, who remained Leading more than 30 tours.

In total, Newcastle has so far achieved 19 wins against 13 draws, while losing only 5 matches, and it is the second least losing team this season after City, “4 matches.”

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