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Garcia is the most prominent of them…the departed coaches from Roshen

Garcia is the most prominent of them…the departed coaches from Roshen

Garcia is the most prominent of them…the departed coaches from Roshen

There are only a few steps left until the end of the Roshen League, and not all teams will conclude the season under the same technical leadership with which they started the race. Administrations saw that change was an inevitable necessity, so decisions were taken to dismiss coaches.

Perhaps the most prominent dismissal was the share of Al-Nasr coach, French Rudi Garcia, who left his team management after the 23rd round of the competition, and a decision was taken to complete the team for the competitions under the leadership of the youth coach of the Croatian club, Denko Ilicic.

With the exception of Al-Nasr Club, no club from the top Roshen League changed its coach, whether it was the union with the Portuguese Nuno Santo, or Al-Hilal led by Argentine Ramon Diaz, or Al-Shabab led by Spaniard Vicente Mourinho.


Abha .. and the first dismissal

Abha is the first club to decide to leave its Belgian coach Sven Vandenbroek after the sixth round, due to poor performance and results.

Later, Abha announced the appointment of the Dutchman, Roel Cumans, to take over the leadership of the first football team for the remainder of the season.

Press reports indicated at the time of Abha Vandenbroek’s dismissal that the direct reason for his departure from his position was the main team list with which he entered against Al-Nassr in the sixth round.

She pointed out that the coach removed a group of the team’s stars, and put them on the bench, such as the Tunisian Saad Baqir, Saleh Al-Omari, the Algerian Tayeb Miziani, and the Cameroonian David Ibasi, the main goalkeeper, which precipitated the decision to leave the Belgian coach.

Abha was defeated by Al-Nasr, 3-0, during the match that was held in the sixth round of the Saudi Roshan League.


consecutive dismissals

Similar to the Abha club, Al-Wahda club walked after its management took a decision to dismiss Bosnian Bruno Akrapović, coach of the first football team, from his post due to poor results, and signed a contract with Chilean Jose Sierra.

Akrapović left coaching Al Wahda after leading the team in eight league matches, losing 5 matches, achieving two victories and one draw.

And after the fair administration’s decision to dismiss the Tunisian coach, Youssef Al-Mannai, after the team suffered 6 defeats and achieved one victory and a similar draw.

After the departure of the Tunisian coach, Al-Adalah Club completed the contracting procedures with the former coach of Abha Club, the Slovakian Martin Svela.


Al-Taie and dismissal of coaches

After the 14th round of the competition, Al-Taei joined the list of clubs that changed their coach, after the Portuguese coach Pedro Miguel was dismissed, and the Romanian coach Mirel Radoi was appointed to lead the technical helm of the team.

And the Al-Taie administration returned once again to dismiss Radoi after assuming responsibility for several months, during which the team led 13 matches; Where he won 4 matches and tied the same, while he was defeated in 5 matches against: Al-Shabab, Al-Ittihad, Damak, Al-Batin and Al-Nasr.

Mirel Radoi

Al-Batin joined the list of clubs that dismissed their coach after a decision was made to leave the Croatian first football team coach, Alain Horvat, from his position due to the poor results, and decided to assign another Croatian, Zdravko Logarusic, to lead the team.

The same applies to Damak, who decided to dismiss the Croatian coach, Kreshmir Resic, and appointed Romanian Cosmin Contra in his place.

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