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Ali Al-Bulayhi: I am Hilali and I am inclined to Al-Ittihad and its fans.. and Messi did not hide me

Ali Al-Bulayhi: I am Hilali and I am inclined to Al-Ittihad and its fans.. and Messi did not hide me

Ali Al-Bulayhi: I am Hilali and I am inclined to Al-Ittihad and its fans.. and Messi did not hide me

Al-Hilal defender, Ali Al-Bulayhi, said that he is Hilali at the level of affiliation from the beginning and before playing for the club, but at the same time he tends to Al-Ittihad and its fans.

Al-Hilal defender said in statements to “SBC Stadium” that some of his statements, which the audience finds exciting, are intentionally issued at a specific time, adding: “I am not looking and I do not need to show.”

Al-Bulayhi added, “Al-Hilal has been the top league for the last 3 seasons… It is necessary for me to go out for a statement before the match… I am the same person I was 6 years ago, or in a renaissance or hope, I was the same.”

Commenting on his famous statement, “We finished Asia and we will come to you in the league,” the Saudi national team defender said: “The pressure of the matches affected us greatly. If we were in one or two tournaments, we would have been able to crown them.”

And he continued his speech: “You must have a personality with the attackers as much as I care about myself..I am good with the attackers now; I was with Al-Amal Club 9 years ago, I put two pieces of onions in my socks..If the attacker bothered me, I would eat them and argue with him..I look back to this plan in the season.” Al-Jai,” and he continued, sarcastically, that he might try the onion plan on annoying attackers such as Moroccan Abdel-Razzak Hamdallah and Brazilian Anderson Talisca.

And about the most annoying attackers for him, the Al-Hilal defender said that the most important thing for him is himself and his personality, stressing that there are good players like Hamdallah, adding that Firas Al-Buraikan is a more annoying striker than the foreigner.

Regarding the turning point in his sporting life, Al-Bulayhi said: “10 years ago at Al-Amal Club, they told us to quickly go because Al-Ahly would come for training, and I stayed in the club to see Al-Ahly’s training .. and at that time I saw a different shape, so I wanted to become like them.”

Al-Bulayhi revealed that he cannot play any match without hearing his mother’s voice, stressing that he calls her to hear her voice before any match, and she calls for him.

Al-Bulayhi talked about the most influential personalities in his football career, saying: “I did not shed tears in my football career except when parting with Razvan… This coach has a great credit for me as he contributed to creating my personality… and the background of my mobile phone bears his image.”

As for the incident where the flag was concentrated in Al-Nasr Stadium, Al-Bulayhi explained: “I planted the flag in Al-Nasr Stadium as a memory.

Al-Bulayhi talked about the shift in the life of his career, saying: “I was in Al-Nahda Club and said at the time that I would play for the Saudi national team, and indeed my dream came true. Two years later, I represented Al-Akhdar and participated in the 2018 World Cup, and I remember that we were going to face Uruguay and its stars Suarez and Cavani prevented me from sleeping..and then I only played against Omar Al-Soma.

He added, “After the Uruguay match in the 2018 World Cup, I am no longer afraid of anything, and Messi did not frighten me in the World Cup … and my statement makes me challenge myself.”

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