How do I delete my AI snap bot?

How do I delete my AI snap bot?

How do I delete my AI snap bot?


How do I delete the Snape bot, many users today are looking for the Snape bot, how do I add it, but despite the importance of the new technology that Snape added, which is the My AI chat bot, we find that people are looking for how to remove the new Snape report, wanting to get rid of it due to Because it does not need it and replaces it with the basic ChatGPT technology and uses the Snapchat glasses instead. Today, via Mufid, we will learn how to delete the bot in Snapchat in detail, and we have already learned how to add the My AI snap bot.

What is the Snap Bot? My AI

My AI technology is among the technologies that rely on artificial intelligence, and Snap decided to add this new robot to its application in order to keep pace with the development taking place in the world of artificial intelligence, and for this it made a deal between it and OpenAi by adding the Snap bot to the application within the contacts, and it has been added by default.

It is a chat bot that relies on machine learning, as it answers questions that it receives from users and responds to them in a smart and quick manner, and it can perform many tasks such as asking to provide brief information on a topic, not to mention its ability to answer common questions.

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How do I delete my AI snap bot?

As we mentioned earlier, the bot in Snape is available by default, as the company, Snape, added it to the application by default, and you can use it if you have subscribed to Snapchat Plus, and in any case you can permanently delete the Snape bot with the following steps:

  • Update the Snapchat application to the latest version, by downloading it from the App Store in the iTunes Store.
  • Subscribe to the Snapchat Plus service, which is one of the services that provides you with exclusive benefits and services for a fee.
  • You must pay an amount of $ 4 per month to subscribe to the service, to learn how to delete the Snap bot.
  • Open the application on the phone in Android or iPhone iOS device.
  • Log in by typing your e-mail or mobile number, and then typing your password.
  • Click on (Profile) or My Profile at the top under the profile picture.
  • Click on the (Settings) option.
  • Click on the option (Privacy Control).
  • Click on (clear data).
  • Click on the option (Delete and delete my AI conversations).
  • Click on the Confirm option.
  • The My AI snap bot will permanently delete and delete all messages and conversations you have made on the Snap online support account.

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How do I add a snap bot?

In a related context about how to delete the My AI snap bot, many users are interested in learning how to add the My AI snap bot to the application to start using it and benefit from its features, and for this, and in case you do not want to remove the Snap bot, here is how to add it.

  • Be sure to download Snapchat version 10.61.2 beta, through the official Snapchat website, in order to be able to update the application and obtain the latest version of the application from the store on the App Store and iTunes, in order to be able to add a chat bot to your account.
  • Open the application and then log in to your account by typing your email and password.
  • You can access and add the bot by subscribing to the SnapPlus service, as it will run “your artificial intelligence” by default and you can find it on your chat screen within the application within the contacts.
  • Swipe right from the Camera screen, open the Chat screen, and try out the Snap bot.
  • You will be able to quickly activate the MY Al technology.

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In conclusion, in today’s article, we learned how to delete the My AI snap bot, in which we listed the steps through which you can remove the new bot on Snap, and we also touched on how to add it to the application, in order to teach people who want to access it.


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