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“Sport 24” numbers .. Al-Ta’i is a guest at the new Al-Taawun stadium

“Sport 24” numbers .. Al-Ta’i is a guest at the new Al-Taawun stadium

“Sport 24” numbers .. Al-Ta’i is a guest at the new Al-Taawun stadium

Al-Taawoun will meet at home to its guest Al-Taei, on Monday evening, for the twenty-eighth round of the Roshen Professional League, which is the first match that Al-Taawoun will play in its new stadium.

Al-Taawoun seeks to continue its series of victories, which reached 3 consecutive victories, to settle the fifth place, in which it settles with 46 points.

On the other hand, Al-Taei hopes to restore the tone of victories after defeat in the last two confrontations, to stop his score at 34 points, in seventh place.

“Sport 24” reads the numbers of the two teams before the fourth confrontation between them in the Professional League, as each of them won a match, while the tie settled a single confrontation between them.

Al-Ta’i lost in two confrontations against Buraidah clubs during the 7 confrontations that brought them together, and the last loss was against Al-Taawun in the first round match in the competition, with a score of 1-3, noting that Al-Ta’i conceded 13 goals against them and scored only 10 goals in these confrontations.

Al-Taawun coach Pericles Shamuska did not lose any match during 3 confrontations against Al-Taie in the Professional League, and only against Al-Qadisiyah played more matches without losing in the competition.

Al-Taawoun kept its nets clean in only two matches during the last 18 matches in the Professional League, as it conceded 26 goals at a rate of 1.3 goals / match, the last of which was against Al-Khaleej, knowing that the last time it came out with a clean sheet in two consecutive matches was 24 games before that in the competition.

On the other hand, only one match in which Al-Taei kept his net clean in the last 17 matches he played away from home, at a rate of 1.8 goals / match, noting that the team currently has its longest scoring streak away from home in the competition “5 matches”, scoring 12 goals during these confrontations, while it had He scored 14 goals in 23 games before these clashes.

Kaku, the Al-Taawoun player, is looking forward to his 50th participation in the Professional League, and during 49 matches in the competition, he contributed to scoring 35 goals, “scoring 16 – assists 19.”

Amir Saeed, the Al-Taie player, performed the most number of dribbles “198” during the current season in the Professional League, the most successful dribbler “100”, the most dribbles in the opponent’s half of the stadium “161” and the most successful bilateral struggles “388” in the competition during current season.

Match card

– Time: May 22 – at 9:30
– The stadium: the new co-op.

Encounters history

Matches: 3
Cooperation win: 1
Al-Taie’s victory: 1
tie: 1.

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