Snap robot, how do I add it?

Snap robot, how do I add it?

Snap robot, how do I add it?

The Snap robot, how do I add it? Snap announced and revealed the Snap robot for Android and iPhone, My AI, where the well-known GPT ChatGPT technology was integrated within the application and in the Bing browser. This technology has become the talk of everyone through Google search engines, and this is the latter She did not stand idly by in front of the new artificial intelligence technology GBT, as she developed a (cool) Google Bard robot in order to compete with the GBT robot, and many on the social networking application Snapchat were interested in learning how to add the Snape robot My AI while addressing the Snape robot How do I delete it.

Explanation of the Snape robot My AI

The new Snap bot is among the recently appeared bots that are the fruits of a deal between the American company OpenAI and Snap, which owns the well-known social networking application (Snapchat), which is used by millions of users around the world.

It is a chat bot based on automatic self-learning, and this new bot from Snape uses AI technology to understand the messages that are sent and received from users and respond to them logically and intelligently, and it can perform many tasks, such as answering common questions and providing general information and others. from other info.

But the Snap bot is specifically restricted to subscribers to the Snapchat Plus service, which is one of the paid services, where you have to pay an amount of $ 4 to enjoy and get many new features and improvements.

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Snap robot, how do I add it?

Since the announcement of the new Snape bot, My AI, and many users in a number of Arab countries, including the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and a number of foreign countries, have taken an interest in how to add the bot on Snape, it is worth mentioning that the Snape robot is added by default in the contacts on the application itself. You must do the following steps:

  • Make sure you subscribe to the Snapchat Plus service.
  • Your AI will be on by default.
  • You can find it on your chat screen within the latest version of the Snape app, under Contacts.
  • Swipe right from the Camera screen, open the Chat screen, and try out the Snap bot.
  • You will be able to activate the MY Al bot.
  • You can now chat with your new friend on Snapchat.

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How do I use the Snapchat bot?

In a related context about the Snap bot, how do I add it, you can start using the new Snap bot by following the steps:

  • In the beginning, you must subscribe to the Snapchat Plus service through the application, in order to obtain additional, exclusive and experimental features, in exchange for paying $ 4 per month.
  • If the subscription is activated, you will be able to use the new bot in a practical and simple way. In the list of contacts on the snap, you will find your new friend, the bot.
  • Click on it to start using it, and you can talk to it just as if it were a friend of yours.
  • You’ll find his account with his own personal design, which he takes the scarlet weight, and you’ll find it under the contacts.

It is worth mentioning, and in the context of talking about the Snap robot, how do I add it, Snap has added some modifications to ChatGPT, in order to comply with the company’s policy, and among those modifications:

  • Restrict my ai bot in terms of questions answered, which steer clear of sensitive politics.
  • The bot cannot be used for cursing, insults, or any of the extraneous words, and to prevent immoral content.
  • You won’t be able to do research, do homework, or even write scientific papers.
  • This means that the new bot will be limited to things that the company allows.

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In conclusion, in today’s article, we learned about the Snap bot, how to add it, and in it we explained the steps to add the new Snap bot to the application, in preparation for using it and benefiting from its features and benefits. Are you a user of this bot for the social networking application Snapchat?


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