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New developments regarding the case of Al-Nasr and Kno

New developments regarding the case of Al-Nasr and Kno

New developments regarding the case of Al-Nasr and Kno

Press reports revealed new developments regarding the case of Al-Nasr Club and Al-Hilal player Mohamed Kno.

And the reports indicated, according to “Al-Jazeera”, that the arbitration panel was formed for the Al-Nasr case against the participation of Al-Hilal player Muhammad Kno.. The panel consists of: Hassan Al-Saif (Al-Nasr arbitrator), Abdul Rahman Al-Abdul-Karim (Al-Hilal arbitrator), and Ahmed Abu Amara (the weighted one).

Earlier, the Saudi Arbitration Center decided to accept an expedited consideration of the case of Al-Nasr’s protest against the participation of player Mohamed Kno against him in the Riyadh Derby in the first round of the Roshan League, which ended in a draw.

The decision is expected to be issued this week after completing the necessary procedural steps.

The procedural rules for the expedited request for arbitration in accordance with Articles 10-17 are represented in the following: a formal procedure submitted to the executive management of the arbitration center, and its fees are double the fees of the ordinary arbitration request, and it is decided on as soon as possible and referred to the arbitral tribunal to appoint arbitrators.

In addition, the judgment must be issued within a maximum period of 10 days from the completion of the dispute file, and there are no specific conditions, and the decision is left to the executive management as an expedited arbitration request.

In the event that Al-Nassr wins the case, the difference with the leading Al-Ittihad will be reduced to one point, and the two teams still have 3 rounds to go until the end.

And the Disciplinary Committee of the Saudi Football Association had rejected a protest by Al-Nasr Club against the ineligibility of Muhammad Kno to participate in the Riyadh derby in the tenth round of the Roshan League, which ended in a positive tie with two goals for the same, on the grounds that the term of the punishment imposed on him by suspension had not expired, on the grounds that he signed for two clubs at the same time. one last January.

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