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Leipzig defeats Bayern and presents a gift to “Dortmund”

Leipzig defeats Bayern and presents a gift to “Dortmund”

Leipzig defeats Bayern and presents a gift to “Dortmund”

Bayern Munich received a disappointing defeat by three goals against a goal against its guest, Razen Pal Sport Leipzig, today, Saturday, so that its hopes of winning the title are pending before the last round next week, when its rival Borussia Dortmund can snatch the top of the league.

Bayern took the lead with a powerful shot from Serge Gnabry, but fell back strangely to concede three goals in the second half by Konrad Leimer and two penalties from Christopher Nkunku and Dominic Suboslay.

Bayern, who only had the league title after leaving the German Cup and the Champions League since signing coach Thomas Tuchel at the end of March, remained in the lead with 68 points, one point ahead of Dortmund, who will be a guest at Augsburg tomorrow, Sunday.

And if Dortmund wins, it will have the upper hand in deciding the title for the first time in 11 years when it hosts Mainz at a time when Bayern goes out to face Cologne at the end of the season next Saturday.

With his first-ever victory in Munich, Leipzig secured third place and qualification for the Champions League next season.

Bayern dominated the match from the start and took the lead when Gnabry fired a powerful ball that hit the post into the goal in the 25th minute, scoring his fifth goal in the last four matches.

But it seemed that the defending champion was satisfied with his superiority and gave Leipzig large spaces, so that goalkeeper Jan Zommer intervened to save him three times.

And the landowners paid the price for the decline in the 65th minute when Leimer, who is expected to join Bayern next season, set out to equalize with a powerful shot from inside the penalty area.

Leipzig’s uprising was completed, with Nkunku winning a penalty kick, which he successfully executed in the goal, to silence the Bayern fans.

The referee awarded another penalty kick to Leipzig due to a handball on Moroccan Naseer Mazraoui, which Suboslay hit the net to complete a disastrous evening for Tuchel and his team.

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