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The start of the Kingdom Athletics Championship for female clubs

The start of the Kingdom Athletics Championship for female clubs

The start of the Kingdom Athletics Championship for female clubs

On Friday, the Kingdom Athletics Championship for clubs for all grades (females) kicked off at Prince Nayef bin Abdulaziz Sports City in Qatif, and Sarah Faleh, a member of the Saudi Athletics Federation, crowned the winners.

The coach of the federation and the women’s athletics team, Hammoud Soaan, said in statements to “Sport 24”: “We are happy with the Saudi women’s athletics championships after the first year of participation, with the presence of female coaches from outside Saudi Arabia, and in the presence of families and fans.”

And he continued, “This is the second participation of women this season, and we hope that in the next season it will increase. We currently have participation in the Arab Championship held in Tunisia, and this indicates the development of women’s participation in athletics. “

Nour Al-Jandan, who won the first place in the 100-meter hurdles competition from the Gulf Club, said: “The competition was very good and represented a special challenge for me after I participated for the second time. Going faster and with training I managed to get that position.”

She explained, “I am interested in holding competitions and championships for women in the Kingdom, and I hope to increase these competitions and championships, especially in light of the Kingdom’s Vision 2030.”

Sheikha Al-Timawi, a contestant from the 200-meter and 400-meter Al-Ittihad Club, said: “This season proved the presence of strong Saudi girls, and we have champions in various teams.. Al-Ittihad Club is the strongest team in numbers and has champions who present excellent levels. Athletics requires patience and endurance because it is different from other games.”

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