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“Sport 24” reveals what is hidden in the decision to dismiss Radawi from Al-Taie

“Sport 24” reveals what is hidden in the decision to dismiss Radawi from Al-Taie

“Sport 24” reveals what is hidden in the decision to dismiss Radawi from Al-Taie

A source inside Al-Taie Club revealed the real reasons behind the board’s decision to dismiss Romanian coach Mirel Radoi from his position in coaching the first football team.

Earlier on Tuesday, Al-Taei announced that the administration had assigned assistant Jose Barreto to lead the team until the end of the season, as the team has 3 matches remaining before the final of its campaign in the Roshen League.

The source said in exclusive statements to “Sport 24” that Al-Taie has a belief known to all followers of Saudi sports affairs, and that all employees of the club believe in it since its inception, and until today, which is always winning.

The source pointed out that Radwi’s statement in the press conference that followed the Al-Nasr match was the straw that broke the camel’s back, when he said in broken English: “The club’s goal is to stay in the Professional League, and this goal was achieved before the Al-Batin match, and therefore the players entered The two matches, Al-Taie and Al-Nasr, are like exercises.”

The source explained that the coach’s translator tried to remedy the situation by translating Radawi’s speech that the players did not enter the two matches with the same strength that they entered for the previous matches, but this did not intercede for him when the club’s management considers this an unacceptable justification, and it contradicts all the principles of Al-Taie and the ethics of his men since its founding.

And the source continued in his statements to “Sport 24” that the club’s management made clear its rejection of some other unacceptable behavior of the former coach, including his attempt to withdraw from the bench during the Al-Ta’i and Abha match before the team’s administrator returned him, and then repeating the same process in the second half of the Al-Ta’i and Al-Nasr match. This was considered by the administration as a violation of the ethics of the technical leadership of the team, and a lack of respect for the elements of the team and its management.

And the source concluded: “Al-Ta’i’s integrity is a solid legacy that has been inherited by generations in this club, and it is not possible to accept any reference or suggestion that contradicts this well-established concept, and Radwi did not understand the system or its established concepts, and his completion of the work may increase the damage to the remaining team results.”

Radu assumed the technical task of the Al-Taie team on January 23, succeeding Portuguese coach Miguel Pedro Pia, who left while the team ranked ninth after 14 rounds.

Al-Taie played 13 matches under the technical leadership of his coach Radoi; Where the victory was his share in 4 matches against Al-Ettifaq, Al-Fateh, Abha and Al-Fayhaa.

Al-Taei tied with Radu in 4 matches also against Al-Adala, Al-Khaleej, Al-Raed and Al-Hilal, while they were defeated in 5 matches against: Al-Shabab, Al-Ittihad, Damak, Al-Batin and Al-Nasr.

Al-Ta’i team occupies seventh place in the table of the current version of the Roshen League, with 34 points, a point behind Al-Ettifaq, who is in eighth place, remaining in the 27th round match, and 5 points behind Al-Fateh, who is in sixth place.

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