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Possible changes in the Roshen League senior coaches map

Possible changes in the Roshen League senior coaches map

Possible changes in the Roshen League senior coaches map

It seems that the coaches map for the senior Roshen League will be on a date with many changes during the next season, and its signs have begun to appear from now on, although the competition has not ended yet and competitions are still ongoing.

Al-Nasr Club is considered the first adult in the Roshen League, which decided its position early on its coach, after he decided to dismiss French coach Rudi Garcia from his position several weeks before the end of the Roshen League, and temporarily assign the task to Croatian Dinko Jelicic, coach of the club’s youth team.

In light of the intensifying competition for the Roshen League title, the Al-Nasr administration did not disclose the name of the team’s next coach in the next season, but speculations through the media were raised about contracting with an international coach such as the Portuguese Jose Mourinho or the French Zinedine Zidane.

Rudy Garcia

Possible departure of Diaz

As for Al-Hilal, it seems that the journey of its Argentine coach, Ramon Diaz, has almost ended after he asked to leave for his country due to personal circumstances, after the team crowned the King’s Cup title at the expense of Al-Wahda.

Al-Hilal announced its agreement to leave Diaz to his country in order to follow up on his family, following the traffic accident that some family members were exposed to, which resulted in one death and two injuries.

And it was decided that the assistant coach Emiliano Diaz would take over the leadership of the technical staff of Al Hilal, with the rest of their staff continuing the technical staff, in the remaining matches of the sports season.

Although Diaz’s departure has not been officially announced, indications say that he will not have a technical role in the next season inside Al-Hilal, despite his recent achievement of the King’s Cup, but he lost the Asian title in the final, and of course the league.

And press reports said that the former Brazil coach, Tite, was among the accounts of the Saudi club Al Hilal, as well as the former Spain coach, Luis Enrique.

Ramon Diaz

Nuno Santo and the news of departure

As for Al-Ittihad, it is presenting a good season under the leadership of Portuguese coach Nuno Santo, and its team is considered the closest to winning the Roshen League title this season, since it is the leader so far.

And there were reports of the Portuguese coach’s desire to leave the federation next season, in light of receiving offers from various European leagues.

Certainly, if Al-Ittihad is crowned with the Roshen League title, the fans will want to stick to the Portuguese coach and continue his achievement in the next season, especially at the continental level, and participate in the Club World Cup that the Kingdom will host.

Nuno Santo

Al-Ahly and return to Roshen

After a season’s absence from the Roshen League, Al-Ahly succeeded in rising again, led by South African coach Pitso Musimane.

Despite Musimani achieving the ascent, press sources revealed that he will not continue with the team next season.

The South African coach himself went out and sent a message that some described as farewell, saying: “The mission is accomplished, the project has been delivered…the sleeping giant woke up in 8 months…in a new country, a new continent, and a different league.”

He added, “In Arabic, they say (salvation), meaning (it’s over).. Thank you, Jeddah, for entrusting me with this task. Greetings.”

And the management of Al-Ahly club still has not decided its position regarding the next name to train the team in the Roshen league, especially since the fans wish themselves a strong return to compensate for the disappointment of relegation to Yellow last season for the first time in its history.

Pitso Mosimane

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